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Netpower UPS Systems

Comsys Netpower is your one stop shop providing a complete set of components for LVDC systems. Netpower offer actionable data enabled through web server and rack level metering.

1. Save 10 – 20 % power
2. Reduce footprint by 35 %
3. Increase availability by 200 %
1. Save 10 – 20 % power
2. Reduce footprint by 35 %
3. Increase availability by 200 %
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Pay off the UPS in 2-3 years by selecting LVDC

Don’t waste your energy. The power of LVDC enables considerably lower losses through the power chain. Reduce power consumption by 10-20% of your system. The Netpower rectifier is designed for high temperature operation and very high part load efficiency.

LVDC offer unparalleled availability with the battery stack directly on the dc-bus. 35% smaller footprint, modularity, hot swap, load sharing are all standard features. Easy to integrate 99% efficient solar for edge applications. Eliminate harmonics and phase unbalance to save power and increase uptime.

DC power metering enable actionable data at rack level.

Commercial Real Estate

Cut your carbon footprint while saving money

Modern office buildings consume DC in its LED, ventilation, cooling, IT and EV-charging loads. This offers a great opportunity to switch the power distribution and integrate solar power to save 10-15% electricity. Integration of battery storage is very easy and the building will not only be very energy efficient but also offer secure power with minimised time loss for tenants.

Emerging issues such as car charging load peaks can easily be mitigated by a dc-grid with batteries to enable integrated peak shaving.

Our products

UPS systems designed for 380V DC

All our products are designed for 380V DC with focus on high reliability, high energy efficiency and high power quality. In addition to our product sales we offer:

  • Service contracts in several levels

  • 5 years extended warranty option

  • Spare part supply

  • First and second line tech support

  • Training courses


Free capacity and power the 5G network

Current 48 V systems are increasingly running out of cable space. 380 V reduce cable area by 90 % freeing capacity and reducing capex by up to 80 % for the site distribution.

5G will push the need for new solutions as the number of antenna will grow by a potentially factor of 10. The Netpower 5G power hub enables central UPS-functionality and distributed metered power to the system. Distributed power enable multiple operators to share the same hub.

Integrate solar seamlessly to ensure increased up time and reduce carbon foot print.

Our experience

Designing new energy-efficient and reliable power systems

A modern, energy-efficient and reliable power installation will need some re-thinking when it comes to dimensioning of the UPS, batteries, fuses/breakers, distribution, cabling system etc.

We have many years experience in designing power systems:

  • Battery capacity calculations

  • Transformer dimensioning

  • Earthing/grounding

  • Baseline of your current installation

Dynamic energy storage

Want to know more about Netpower? Contact us to book a consultation