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The new Software 2.1 features key new functionality including a new card-based WUI, improved control performance, improved multi-master control and support for variable/floating grid frequency enabled by default. The card-based WUI is optimized for both smart devices and PCs, and the web server is optimized for transient connection of these devices.

Software 2.1

New touchscreen capabilities provide significant improvements in usability and also allows system integrators to use panel devices, while the improved Sensorless control mode enhances performance and stability. Sensorless control is far more tunable than before and may now be used in very weak grids, and the software is also more stable in high harmonic orders.

We will start 2020 by releasing part 1 of our new product design of the ADF products.
Starting 6th of January, all ADF's will be delivered with new labels as shown in the image below.

We will have a part 2 of the new product design realeased next year so keep your eyes open.

New graphical look products

Abstract - This application note describes the possibilities to improve multi-pulse drives by applying relatively small Active Filter to the installation. Multi-pulse drives have several problems that causes them to behave like a non-ideal multi-pulse drive, e.g., the 5th harmonic is not fully eliminated. By using a well-tuned Active Filter inside the Multi-pulse drive, the drive can be adjusted to have a perfect multi-pulse behavior. It furthermore gives the opportunity to compensate the residual harmonics of the drive with the available capacity of the Active Filter. These improvements can be achieved even by retrofitting an Active Filter into existing multi-pulse drive applications.

Application note

Please click on the link below to download our new application note about improving multi-pulse drives with active filter.

Download Application Note (PDF) ↓

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