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About ADF

We support your business

Together with our global network of partners, the ADF Partner Network provides power quality solutions to industry leaders worldwide, enabling them to increase productivity, and simultaneously save money while reducing their carbon footprint.

We achieve this through a combination of onsite measurements, power quality analysis, and our patented Active Dynamic Filter technology.

ADF by numbers

  • 30%+ annual growth
  • Commercial availability began in 2009
  • Customers served in 50+ countries
  • 5,000+ solutions delivered since commercial availability
  • 70+ global members of the ADF Partner Network

Our vision

By combining modern digital technology with advanced power electronics, our vision is to be a premium supplier of solutions for energy efficiency and improved power quality. We aim to support our customers in all industries (from offshore oil & gas, to data centers, to the process industry, etc.) to achieve financial, operational, and environmental benefits through enhanced power quality.

Together with our global network of partners, the ADF Partner Network provides power quality solutions to industry leaders worldwide
DanTysk installation, North Sea

A foundation of innovation

ADF Power Tuning was developed by Comsys AB in Lund, Sweden. ADF technology and products continue to be developed and manufactured on Swedish soil.

ADF technology is backed by global experts in power electronics, automatic control, and real-time systems design. Together we strive for constant improvement.

Today, ADF Power Tuning engineers continue to work closely with the Lund Institute of Technology and other research bodies to build the best product. The advanced research behind our technology utilizes power electronics, real-time control, and measurement technology, in combination with field tests. This has resulted in a versatile product portfolio designed to serve our customers’ top needs.

Global availability

ADF products have proven their effectiveness, reliability, and efficiency at customer sites around the globe. And the ADF Partner Network ensures that no customer is ever out of reach.

To learn more about ADF Power Tuning for your industry or region, contact us.

Global presence

Global Presence

Together with our ADF Partner network we have global presence, making sure that the power is perfect all around the world.

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