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 Do you want to learn more about power quality on ships? We are launching a series of four films where Martin Bladh, Global Segment Manager at Comsys explains what you need to know. 

The first film is about Harmonics on board. Check it out: 

In the upcoming films I will also talk about:

  • Total harmonic distortion
  • Active Dynamic Filter (ADF) and how it works
  • Where Comsys have done installations

With a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Economics and Policy from UC Berkeley in California, US and with experience working as a research assistant at both UC Berkeley and Lund University, we are happy to welcome Danielle to Comsys before she plans to study for her master’s degree after the summer.

Danielle will work as a Junior Business Analyst and she will mainly do marketing research within various applications and segments, but also to develop an understanding of different market trends.

We asked Danielle what she looks forward to with joining Comsys:

 I look forward to being in such a great work environment at Comsys, the team is comprised of so many incredibly intelligent people who have been extremely welcoming to me. I’m also looking forward to working for a company that has such a solid product. The technology is already very diverse and being used in many sectors, and I’m excited to find out more about it!, says Danielle

We are sure that she will be a great asset to Comsys in the following months and we are happy to have her aboard.

Welcome to Comsys Danielle!

Danielle Schiro

We are releasing the next generation ADF P300 and If you want to get a bit more familiar with the new setup and the changes that have been implamented, please join this webinar where Henrik Sjöqvist, Key Account Manager at Comsys will guide you throught it!

When: 9th of March 2021

Time: Depending on your timezone you can choose between 09:00-10:00 Central European Time, or 16:00-17:00 Central European Time.

Go to registration: Webinar - New ADF P300

P300 CAB8 2

The floor-mounted ADF P300 with an enhanced cabinet solution brings several significant benefits including:


Choice of three widths (400, 600 & 800 mm) for 1-3 modules
Ingress protection up to IP54
Full support for upcoming v4 modules
Expansion options to meet future needs
Much quicker access to internal modules during maintenance


Greater standardization saves hours of work
Reduced risk of injury during service and maintenance


The redesigned control module can be installed in virtually any cabinet

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