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We are scaling up our development team with Simon Lindvall. Simon will be a great asset to the team where he mainly will focus on line filter structure and its mitigation performances.

Simon recently completed his master’s in electrical engineering with specialisation in energy and environment at Lund University. He's not a completely new face for us. This spring, he did his Master Thesis in collaboration with Comsys on the subject "Model verification and common mode current analysis of grid connected three phase two level converters". His work included high bandwidth modeling, and its verification, of unideal passive filters and filter components.

We asked Simon what he looks forward to with joining Comsys:

“I look forward to working with new technologies that make it possible to introduce more renewable energy sources to the power grid without disturbances. This is an expanding area that will be very interesting to be a part of. I also look forward to working with the brilliant people of Comsys that I’m eager to learn more from”

Welcome to the team Simon!

New Team member Simon Lindvall

Earth scientists can predict natural disasters and severe weather, but we can never predict how extensive the damage will be. Once the disaster strikes it is crucial that the infrastructure stays up and running. To prove the robustness of the ADF P300 series, we have performed earthquake certification in terms of vibration testing.

We are very proud that our complete range of ADF P300, including UL systems, has successfully completed the shake table testing according to the requirements of the ICC-ES AC156, IBC 2018, and CBC 2019. By meeting the requirements, we can be confident that our ADFs Meet the most stringent earthquake requirements according to GR63 Core (zone 4, the most demanding class).

This is also an important step in our expansion in North America and the launch of our new production site in Atlanta, Georgia, and it is evident that our ADFs meet the OSHPD Seismic Standards which is essential for public infrastructure such as Utilities, Hospitals, Malls, Commercial Buildings, as well as HVAC manufacturers.

P300 CAB8 2

How the test was performed:

The cabinets were tested on a hydraulic shake table rig and the units were subjected to displacement in horizontal and vertical orientation. The test signal was a pre-recorded waveform containing the required spectrum, including acceleration forces exceeding 5g. Each unit was subjected to this spectrum in four directions (back/forth, sideways, up down, and horizontal/diagonal). The mechanical resonances of the cabinets were measured prior to and after each vibration test to ensure the integrity of the cabinet; the units were also inspected and operated normally after the test.

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New team member Mike tibbitts

 We are delighted to welcome Mike Tibbitts to Comsys. With an extensive background in power quality, he is the perfect fit to join us as our Regional Sales Manager in the US.

Primarily, Mike will be responsible for the development and growth of Comsys products within the US Market. Mike has spent his entire career working within power electronics and the last 20 years within power quality and Active Filters. With his vast knowledge and experience, we are sure he will be an asset to Comsys and our continued growth in North America.

Now that Mike is joining the Comsys family, we asked him what he is looking forward to. He answered with the following:

“Having the market become aware of the great solutions Comsys has to improve facility power quality and reduce downtime on the production floor, and while doing this, educating and bringing awareness to the marketplace on harmonic issues”

Well said, Mike! Welcome to Comsys, and we are very excited to have you on the team!


First up was the 800 mm (31,5”) cabinet, and now we are releasing the first 400 mm (16”) and 600 mm (24”) configurations of the ADF P300 next generation product. The initial configurations available are the 150 A in the 400 mm (16”) cabinet and the 300 A in the 600 mm (24”) cabinet.

These configurations will also be the first ADF P300 products with an increased standard ingress protection rating of IP32, but we will not stop there; this rating will eventually be introduced to all other configurations, tentatively starting 1st of November.

To sum it up, this means the 150 A and 300 A versions of the ADF P300 in 400 mm and 600 mm cabinets are available in the following IP ratings: IP32, IP43, and IP54.

ADF P300 next generation

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