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Norwegian company, Skretting AS, is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of aquaculture feeds. Skretting has production facilities in 18 countries, but in this article we will focus on their production site in Averøy, Norway, because it is at this site that two ADF P300s have been installed in order to lower the grid’s overall UTHD (total harmonic voltage distortion).

Skretting cropped

Each ADF P300 is located on a separate 690V transformer. The purpose of filters is to compensate the harmonics, to lower the THD (total harmonic distortion on the voltage) to below 5%.ADF_P300.png

The installation and commissioning were performed a couple of weeks ago, and in this application, we used our unique feature, Sensorless control. With Sensorless control, you remove the need for current transformers, and the installation is made even easier.

Both filters are now performing as expected, and Skretting AS can be confident that there will be no additional costs due to voltage harmonics.


ADF P300 unit 1 - Harmonic compensation

ADF OFF – THD was around 9.5%
ADF OFF – THD was around 9.5%
ADF ON – THD is around 4-4.5%
ADF ON – THD is around 4-4.5%

ADF P300 unit 2 - Harmonic compensation

ADF OFF – THD was around 8.1%
ADF OFF – THD was around 8.1%
ADF ON – THD is around 3.8%
ADF ON – THD is around 3.8%

Installation volvo cars CharlestonOur production site in Atlanta, USA has been operational for a couple months, and one of the first orders to go into production has been shipped to Volvo Cars in South Carolina. 

Volvo Cars’ production plant in Ridgeville, Berkeley County, South Carolina, has been in operation since June 2018, and has the capacity to produce up to 150,000 cars annually. With such great numbers, it’s crucial that equipment doesn’t malfunction. When several VFDs and welding robots were creating major power quality problems at the plant, which in turn was affecting the equipment, a solid solution was needed for a complete site compensation.

Due to the simplicity of our ADFs, Volvo Cars was easily able to install and commission eight ADF P300s, without any local technical assistance.

WUI measurement volvo cars charlestown

We are super happy to welcome Henrik Rosenqvist as Comsys’ new Chief Financial Officer.

Henrik comes with just the experience and enthusiasm we were looking for. He has spent the last 10 years working as Group Finance Director at Beijer Electronics group in Malmö, Sweden, and before that he held various financial positions at Vestas Northern Europe AB.

With the addition of Henrik to the Comsys management team, we are injecting a lot of valuable knowledge, and he will play a significant role in our continued growth journey and success.

“I really like the entrepreneurial spirit of the company and I look forward to being part of the exponential growth Comsys has in its sights. I’m also excited to learn more about electricity and the advanced business that Comsys operates in.”

Henrik Rosenqvist

Once again, welcome to the team, Henrik!

Kandy water

The National water supply and Drainage board (NWSDB) is the National Organization responsible for the provision of safe drinking water and facilitating the provision of sanitation to the people in Sri Lanka. Their new green field wastewater management project at KandyCity, involved many variable frequency drives for the main pumping station andthe overall project called for

  • Meeting the IEEE 519 standards by mitigating harmonics created by the drivesKandy water ADFs jpg

With Comsys online sizing tool, our partner in Sri Lanka, Pubudu Engineering, who played a major role in the whole project, could simulate the spectrum at the early stage, size the right ADF, which in this specific case resulted in 3 pcs of ADF P100

Thanks to our integrated web user interface, ADF’s are accessible from any part of the world, this made it possible to do a remote commissioning from Sweden. Once the ADF’s were up and running they dynamically compensated the harmonics and made the plant comply to IEEE 519 standards, just as required. This also resulted in better efficient system, improved productivity, and reduced equipment failures.

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