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With just 10 days left until the big race, we want to take a look back at all that Team Rynkeby Lund has accomplished. 

From fundraisers, inspirational speeces, and intense training camps, we know this tough crew has everything it takes to stun us all on their race to Paris. Before we cheer them on, here a couple of moments to celebrate the journey.

Team Rynkeby Lund training

Team Rynkeby Lund cycling in the countryside

Team Rynkeby Lund happy riders

Team Rynkeby Lund take a break

Team Rynkeby Lund team picture


We wish you all the best of luck in the final stretch!

For more on Team Rynkeby, check back with us during the race.

Spring is in the air so that means training has moved from the stationary bikes to the outdoors. And as every day gets longer, so too do our training sessions. 

This weekend we participated in a training camp in Ängelholm at the Råbocka Campground. We kickstarted the weekend with  a 100km ride climbing 428 meters. And there was no rest on Saturday! The weekend continued with a 162km run climbing 1,278 meters. To cap everything off, we finished the weekend with a 98km ride on Sunday climbing 912 meters. This occasion marked the first chance for the service team to practice as well. 


With just 59 days left until the big day, we're pushing ourselves to the limit to do our best to race for Team Rynkeby. 

Follow us for more updates as our journey continues.


When introducing new potential partners to the functionality and benefits of ADF Power Tuning, it helps to show off a real customer installation. Continuing our expansion into China, Raymond Ma and Rickard Jacobson toured a potential Chinese partner through the Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology installation in Svedala, Sweden. The Svedala installation is unique in that our active filter technology is used to compensate the entire operation on site, including the energy intensive electric arc furnace. 

IMG 20170420 143003 small

We look forward to growing more relationships in China and identifying new applications for ADF Power Tuning.

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