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Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort is the Guinness World Record holder for the longest single rope cable car system, the heaviest cable roll, and the longest distance between stations. So how does ADF Power Tuning help maintain the power quality of the entire system at Ba Na Hills? Our partner PowerMore in Vietnam shows you how in this short video.

Ba Na Hills Technical Director adds, “Maintaining the power quality of the whole system is critical to the transportation, safety, and quality of service at Ba Na Hills.” Watch the video now to learn more.

In recent years, China has undergone rapid development—and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down, especially when it comes to investment in urban infrastructure. At the 6th China Rail-transit Forum in Zhengzhou, China on August 12-13, hundreds of designers and decision makers gathered to meet potential suppliers for the country’s extensive metro projects. We are happy to report there was significant interest in ADF Power Tuning from both visitors who were knowledgeable and those just beginning to learn about active filter technology.

“this is a very important step”


IMG 20160812 105919 2Raymond Ma was there on site to walk visitors through the advantages of our unique technology. He reports, “this is a very important step” in our expansion into the Asian market as there is increasing investment in the energy sector and therefore a growing need for low harmonic solutions in the region. We look forward to developing the relationships we started at 6th China Rail-transit Forum and playing a role in China’s continued development in the years to come.

Raymond Ma joins the Comsys team

After leaving his native China over 10 years ago to study electrical engineering in Belgium, Raymond Ma joined ABB in 2008 as a Marketing & Sales Manager for Asia/Pacific. He now joins Comsys in their quest to grow the market for their active filter solution, ADF Power Tuning, worldwide. In his previous role, Ma was responsible for not only driving business growth in East Asia and North America but also for defining and implementing global product and marketing strategies. He aims to use his knowledge, experience, and expertise to grow the market for ADF Power Tuning.

 DSC7122 20160616Charged with expanding sales in Asia, especially China, Ma says Comsys is not a very big company, but it is a company with a lot of potential. According to Ma, “We are established in Europe and emerging in North America, but Asia should play a bigger role in the Comsys portfolio – we all expect to get more business in Asia, China particularly.” He reports that China is the largest market for active filters. With a need reported in infrastructure, hospitals, universities, office buildings, manufacturing, telecommunications and more, there is immense opportunity for Comsys to grow the market for ADF Power Tuning in the coming years.

We look forward to a new partnership and to new opportunities with Raymond.

ADF Power Tuning was developed by Comsys AB in Lund, Sweden. Working with their global network of partners, the ADF Partner Network provides active filter solutions to industry leaders worldwide, enabling them to increase productivity, and simultaneously save money while reducing their carbon footprint.

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