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Comsys continues to grow fast within the power quality field, taking market share by solving  complicated power quality issues for high end customers. Comsys today delivers solutions globally with our leading ADF power quality technology.

"We see that power quality is getting more important as the demand for energy is increasing every day. The industry is also changing with different energy sources like wind power and solar energy. The new energy sources together with the increased demand makes the infrastructure weaker and more sensitive. Therefore it’s essential for all industries to verify their local power distribution to make sure that the power quality meets the set recommendation. With Comsys superior ADF technology, the most difficult disturbances can be eliminated. By eliminating disturbances companies increase their profit through reduced energy consumption and increased production", says Marcus Löfgren, CEO Comsys AB.

On June 10th – 11th,  the Leonardo Power Quality Initiative (LPQI) holds a forum in conjunction with the official opening of the Lemcko laboratory in Kortrijk, Belgium. The Leonardo Energy Power Quality Forum is open to industry and academia and covers topics like mitigation solutions, cost impact, policy and education within the power quality field.

Comsys will hold a presentation on using active technology to mitigate flicker and the recent developments within this topic. The presentation will be held by Jonas Persson, product manager of Comsys.

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After a very successful commissioning at Tidbecks in Ljungsarp the flicker-levels have been lowered from pst 1,3 to 0,4 in Östra Kind’s power grid thanks to the two installed ADF P300 Energy Optimizers.

This is the second case in short time where we have been able to help our customers to reach the pst-levels that utility companies demand, and more.

Press release at customers website (in Swedish): http://www.tidbecks.se/doc.asp?D=600002263&ShowNews=1

Machinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) and Comsys has signed a long term strategic co-operation agreement with the intent of MR distributing Comsys ADF energy optimizer and active filter products and technology as part of MR's Power Quality Management (PQM) divisions offering.

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