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The new PQAI Power Quality meter is an IEC 61000-4-30 Class A instrument with a very versatile set of measurement functions. The PQAI can measure all relevant parameters – voltage, current, power (apparent, reactive, active), harmonics, flicker as well as transients. The instrument is cost efficient and very compact. The PQAI can be offered stand alone or as a full kit with carrying case, voltage probes, current clamps (flexible current clamps as an option) and cabling kit.

Mr Leif Engström has accepted a nomination as board member of Comsys. Mr Engström has extensive experience in production and logistics from leading corporate bodies such as Ericsson, TAC and Schneider and will be important in developing production strategies and logistics as well as sourcing.

Based on the P300 product line, Comsys now offer Harmonic generator systems especially adapted for testing purposes. The HarmGen line of harmonic generators are available in 100 A RMS and 300 A RMS current sizes and due to their custom layout will generate output currents with very low distortion, which is ideal for component testing at high powers.

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