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Comsys and EPD announces co-operation

Comsys and Electronic Power Design have entered into a strategic co-operation

EPD is an US-based company with headquarter in Houston Texas with focus on electrical systems Integration. EPD offers engineering services, design, programming (variable speed drives and programmable logic controls), commissioning and field maintenance of all types of electronics equipment and controls. Their principal solutions consist of units of AC and DC variable speed (VSDs), AC and DC motors, motor controls centers, switchboards and generators.

Comsys, with headquarters in Sweden, is a manufacturer of its own developed line of Active Filters (ADF). Comsys, being a technology leader within power quality, will supply products, components and know-how to EPD.

The cooperation will build on the respective companies’ strengths. Comsys will supply products and components to EPD. EPD will integrate Comsys products into new and existing solutions, to meet new power quality standards and demands. EPD will be able to seek new market segments having a more complete portfolio for solar, wind, data centers and steel plants.

“We see this as a very strategic cooperation as EPD has over 20 years of experience within offshore and marine applications. It’s evident that the experience EPD holds will help Comsys to continue with it’s leading position within power quality and Comsys will support EPD to reach new market segments”. says Marcus Löfgren, CEO Comsys AB.

“Comsys and EPD are a perfect fit from marketing and product-perspective. We are very excited about the opportunities offered in this agreement”, says Jonas Persson, Country Manager North America, Comsys AB.



From the left: Butch Windham, CEO EPD Ltd, Marcus Löfgren, CEO Comsys AB, John Janik, Chairman EPD Ltd, Jonas Persson, Country Manager North America, Comsys AB

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