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From Installation to Service – all you need to know

Getting started is easy. We have extensive experience with everything from optimization of single loads to projects for complete factories and utilities.

Every project begins with the following steps:

  1. Power Quality Analysis

    The first step toward improving energy efficiency is an energy analysis. This step includes site measurements, an assessment of your current energy conditions, and analysis of how you would benefit from ADF Power Tuning.

    For support contact your local ADF representative →

  2. Sizing

    The findings in the energy analysis serve as the foundation for calculating potential cost savings and technical benefits. Together with you, we put together a detailed savings sheet with annual savings, payback time and other business ratios. This serves as an economical decision-making tool for you.

  3. Installation

    System installation is easy and can be undertaken either by your own trained personnel or an expert from our organization. We offer turnkey solutions, including installation on request.

  4. Commissioning

    Commissioning is undertaken by an ADF expert to ensure optimal system performance and to get you up and running smoothly.

  5. Maintenance and Service: 

    Annual system inspections are always recommended to guarantee system performance and lengthen equipment lifetime. Your representative can help you identify the most helpful service agreement for your operation. For emergency support, you can access our 24/7 support line here.

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Customer Benefits and Services

After commissioning, you may soon notice a reduced electric bill, better functioning equipment, and overall improved energy efficiency.

Maintenance Service

To ensure lasting performance and long life span of your system, we suggest a yearly service inspection. We offer a range of service agreements to match your requirements on service level and guaranteed service time. Contact us now for a customized maintenance agreement.

And when spare parts are needed on short notice, you can take advantage of our Quick Stock selection to get you what you need, when you need it.

Technical Support

A service agreement will keep your operation in good shape with planned maintenance check-ups, but for emergency scenarios, we offer remote support. We can also send a technician your way as soon as possible. And don’t forget, our product documentation provides you with operation instructions, service guidelines, and relevant safety information.

When additional support is needed, you are always welcome to contact our service center for help.

Service in Angola
Service technician on-site in Angola


Partner Benefits and Services

For qualified partners that join the ADF Partner Network, we provide additional support to maximize your ability to serve your customers locally.

Training and Education

We offer a variety of training sessions through the ADF Academy. Topics include:

  • Sales
  • Technology / Product Overview
  • Power Quality
  • Sizing
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Service
  • Troubleshooting

To inquire about a training session, contact us today →

ADF Academy Trianing in Australia
ADF Academy training session on-site in Australia

Sales and Marketing Support

As a qualified member of the ADF Partner Network, your services will be promoted via the Partner Directory, you gain access to valuable marketing materials, you can use our promotional events as your own, and you’ll be invited to our annual partner conference where we discuss industry trends and share best practices to sharpen our skills and deepen our shared expertise.

ADF Conf visit to Man Trucks and Bus
Group tour of the MAN Truck and Bus site in Germany, ADF Partner Conference 2015

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