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Comsys is a cleantech company operating in multiple sectors and segments with one sole purpose, Perfecting Power. With our roots in power electronics and Power Quality we have evolved into a company focusing on everything around power quality and efficient power supply, AC as well as DC. The guiding star has always been to be best in class when it comes to technology and customer satisfaction. The customer satisfaction is reached by offering class leading products, a unique application know how as well as a class leading aftermarket service, then we add Simplicity.

SimplicitySimplicity for Comsys means that products should be easy to size, use, commission and maintain. Ease of use is not simply a good user interface or good documentations – it entails the entire process, from first contact pre-sales, to sizing the system, to tailoring it to fit your applications, to commissioning, and the following maintenance. The power grids are getting more dynamic and complex, necessitating a solutions that is dynamic by itself, simplifying the complexity for the user.

Comsys has always invested heavily in R&D and we continue to do so, making sure that we are geared up for the challenges that our customers will face tomorrow. Never before has this been more important than now considering the change in both energy consumption as well as production. More distributed energy resources (DER) are introduced to the grid at the same time as larger energy sources such as nuclear and coal is being de-commissioned. In conjunction with a new behavior of the consumer, especially with all types of electrical vehicles being introduced, the challenges that we are facing on the power grid is enormous. Comsys will be a strong partner today as well as tomorrow, offering technology to tackle challenges to come, securing a stable power supply and generating savings that future generations will gain from through decades.

At Comsys we believe that all customers and applications are unique. Still, we also believe that with a small set of best possible standardized solutions, the needs of all customers and applications can be met. Comsys was an early adopter of modularized building blocks, reducing the number of needed components still being able to fit a wide range of solutions in terms of both power size and application area.

With our Netpower range of products, we have the solutions for the future DC grid applications, including UPS solutions, DC PDUs, Solar applications, predominantly on 380VDC. In 2018, we acquired the Magchoke technology, providing industry leading inductor technology for grid-connected applications, including active filters, power electronics in general. The Magchoke technology is particularly suited for the high-frequency applications of the future, providing a compact, low-loss and cost-efficient solution.

ADF has been our main offering since the start in 2001, serving more than 5 000 customers in more than 50 countries; it is now the brand to beat within power quality and active filtering thanks to technologies like sensorless operation, resonance damping, advanced user interface and marine approvals. Further down the road, we added the Netpower DC products to our portfolio, as well as the Magchoke inductor technology. Going forward, all these business areas will be integrated in a wide range of offerings, including solutions such as energy storage, peak shaving, active filtering, solar applications. These solutions can the be applied in a variety of places: grid applications, industrial applications, marine applications, and so forth.

No matter the applications area or solution chosen, we give our customers peace of mind and at the same time a technology no one else can offer. Providing the ultimate toolbox for the energy applications of the future, Comsys is powering the future.

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