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The PPM300 inverter module is one of the key components of the ADF System Integration Program. Designed for easy integration into electrical cabinets and motor control centers, this component enables you to build your own active harmonic filter or low harmonic solution.

  • Overview

    The ADF “building blocks” can be used to build harmonic compensation solutions, from small to large. From a single PPM system with a single control unit, up to a 90-unit PPM system with 15 control units.

    Building on a history of successful installations, the PPM300 tolerates high levels of frequency disturbances and continues to compensate reliably in applications where passive filters are likely to break down.

    The robustness of the PPM300 is one of the reasons the ADF product range ideal in very demanding applications, such as island mode grids, weak grids with generators, and marine applications.

    Comsys AB does not assume any responsibility for use of any product or method described and also reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice in order to improve design and supply the best possible products.

  • Features

    Each PPM300 module is engineered to maximize performance in any application.

    Each module includes the following features:


    • Modular building capability  

    • Able to accommodate many different sizes of compensation equipment  

    • Compact design, ideal for small spaces  

    • Individual harmonic control: Open Loop, Closed Loop, Sensorless Control  

    • Fixed switching frequency  

    • Available with air-cooling or liquid-cooling  

    • Available as UL/cUL recognized components  

  • Applications

    Power quality problems the PPM300 can support. For specific questions about combining solutions for alternate challenges, contact us.

    • Load balancing 

    • Harmonics 

    • Resonance tolerance, high frequency robustness

    • Reactive power 

    • Medium voltage via step-up 

    • Flicker

    • Voltage stabilization (option) 

    • Liquid Cooling 

  • Voltage


    • Model v2-3-A-90/690

    • Model v2-3-W-140/690

    • Model v2B-3-A-(90-150)/480

    • Model v4-3-A-(50-125)/480

    • Model v2-3-A-110/480 UL

    • Model v2-3-A-90/600 UL


Technical specifications

EN PPM300 Datasheet

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