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Enabling a seamless Champions League final in Istanbul with ADF

Champions League Finale

Local Partner: Wömner Power Quality Solutions
Location:Istanbul, Turkey
Industry: Sports Venue
Timeline: 2020-2023


When Istanbul was selected to host the 2020 Champions League Final, the Turkish Football Federation contracted Renaissance Construction to renovate the city’s Olympic Stadium as the venue. Although the final was delayed until June of 2023 due to the pandemic, the work proceeded as scheduled and Wömner Power Quality Solutions, Comsys’s partner in Istanbul, was selected to ensure that no power quality issues would disrupt the prestigious event.

Stadium in Istanbul


Predicting what could go wrong during the final is difficult for various reasons. Firstly, power is peak during games, which take place only two or three times a month at most. Secondly, the stadium is supplied from several medium voltage (MV) substations, each having two backup transformers making the measurement of energy consumption complex due to the uncertainty of not knowing which of the three transformers is being utilized. Thirdly, a total of 25 km of MV underground cable creates 180 kVAR of capacitive power per hour. During game time reactive power is balanced, but on no load condition capacitive power is there and because it is on MV level it cannot be easily measured due to the position of the meter, which is 6 km away. And finally, two large scoreboards with a lot of power electronic equipment were installed for the final, creating harmonics.

The customer’s main priority was on harmonics and trips due to these, as well as on reactive power management. Normally, other power quality issues are quite small.



A total of seven Comsys ADF P100N active dynamic filters were installed by Wömner; two at each of the three main substations for the stadium, and one additional unit at a smaller utility substation.



Since the filters were installed in early 2020, the customer has experienced no problems due to capacitive penalties and game nights have been safe and secure. The ADF technology is successfully compensating harmonics and preventing capacitive penalties.