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Live Fish Carrier

Seihav is a Live Fish Carrier constructed and built by Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted AS (FMVAS) in Norway. Fish are loaded from the Norwegian waters at the farms directly onto the vessel where they are transported using semi-open and closed circulation seawater in live fish tanks. The fish are then unloaded at the processing plant where they are sorted, graded, and counted. The process onboard the vessel relies on the use of both a seawater circulation pump system and vacuum pumps.

Seihav vessle

Segment: Marine
Customer: Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted AS
Vessel name: Seihav


Due to the space available onboard Seihav, Fitjar Mekaniske needed a filter solution that would be able to fit into to the main engine room, which can often exceed 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). At temperatures this high, there is a risk of equipment overheating and/or malfunction.

With a live product to maintain and transport, Fitjar Mekaniske aimed to minimize risk as much as possible. So they sought a partner with a proven solution and tested technology that would also help them meet the DNV GL requirement for a THDU limit of 8% and an individual harmonic limit of 5%.


Fitjar Mekaniske chose to install a trusted active filter solution that would ensure compliance with the DNV GL class requirement, make efficient use of the onboard space available, ensure redundancy, and avoid overheating. With powerful compensation capabilities, a compact size, and proven success in the marine segment, ADF made the ideal solution for Seihav.

"FMVAS is a unique customer of Comsys, who has embraced the power quality dimensioning with optimized space, weight and cost, that comes from using a 6pulse with active filters. This in turn has enabled us to work together on many projects with dynamic loads, "Seihav" was very specific since we faced a retrofit with the limited space and cost restrictions at hand, that FMVAS solved in the best possible way."

Per Ewers

Global Segment Manager Marine Comsys AB


Seihav is now running smoothly along Norway’s coast, helping to bring rich Norwegian salmon to customers.