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Mercedes-Benz Factory

The Mercedes-Benz factory in Beijing is a newly built production facility. While the Beijing plant is subject to the same international requirements for power quality, power factor, balance, etc. as similar facilities, Mercedes’ primary focus is the production of its high-end automobiles. Therefore, this premium automotive brand needed an active power quality solution to protect and support its luxury production operations.

Mercedes-Benz factory

Industry: Automotive
Partner: ZYD, China
Customer: Mercedes-Benz
Timeline: 2016–2017, ongoing


With a high value product to produce, it was important to Mercedes to ensure that operations function as smoothly as possible. This led them to take preventative measures to protect the manufacturing process. While other companies may wait until a power quality issue arises before they take action, Mercedes made the proactive move to avoid problems before they start.

And without an active power quality solution such as ADF Power Tuning, production processes such as the electrolysis at the paint shop, welding, and presses at the body shop would be at risk. Due to the nonlinear loads produced by these processes, Mercedes would be at risk for disturbances that could interfere with the power supply (due to unstable voltage and reactive power), overheating equipment, and communications interference.

While Mercedes did not yet face these problems, these are the risks if an operation such as this is left unprotected.


Opting to switch out their existing bulky power quality technology, Mercedes made a switch to ADF.

Products in this installation:

Switching out technology is not an easy decision to make, but Mercedes was convinced that ADF would provide an operational advantage because of the following reasons:

  • Excellent filtering efficiency

  • High order harmonic filtering capacity

  • Sensorless Control capability (no need for current transformers)

  • Modular design

  • Easy expansion in the future

  • Easy maintenance and service


As the Mercedes-Benz factory continues to expand and develop, they have requested additional ADF modules to support new product lines within the facility. We look forward to supporting Mercedes in optimizing their production in Beijing.