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Nordlaks AS, Norway

Location: Norway
Industry: Aquaculture
Timeline: 2018–2019


Nordlaks AS is one of Norways leading aquaculture companies with production of salmon on several locations in the north of Norway.

Nordlaks Smolt AS is the subsidiary responsible for producing the smolt (young salmon). Due to increased demand, Nordlaks invested 800 Million NOK in a major expansion at the smolt production facility in Innhavet, Hamarøy municipality.

The new plant, operational from 2019, is now one of the largest recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) in Norway. It will enable Nordlaks to more than double the size of the smolt before it is moved to ocean pens and this is an important part of Nordlaks’ strategy for sustainable aquaculture growth.

Salmon Nordlaks AS


The new facility in Innhavet is a complex plant with a large number of loads consisting mainly of pumps, fans and compressors. A total of 160 new VLT variable speed drives from Danfoss were installed to save energy and control the loads. The installation is fed from the distribution network through three dedicated transformers.

At Nordlaks there is a very strong focus on reliability, as even a short downtime can have serious consequences for the production. For this reason, three emergency backup generators are installed, ready to assume power production should there be an interruption in supply from the public grid. Based on harmonic calculations made in advance of the build, it was possible to see that harmonic levels would be too high, particularly when running on the backup generators.


Based on harmonic calculations, one active harmonic filter of the type ADF P300-360/480 was selected for each of the three feeders.

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Bram De Roy

Head of electro department, Nordlaks Smolt AS


For me, as head of electro, no news means good news. The filters are online and doing their job and the voltage harmonic level is kept below 5% THDu at all times. As for the day of today we have not encountered any problems with harmonics.

Voltage harmonics kept well within the limits at all times
Voltage harmonics kept well within the limits at all times