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Over 1200 fans cool luxurious Red Sea destination while ADF filters keep them running smoothly 

Location: Saudi Arabia
Industry: District cooling plant
Customer: Araner
Timeline: 2022 - 2023


Red Sea Global (RSG) is a visionary developer wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia. As part of the nation’s Vision 2030, the company is “spearheading a new model of development, putting people and planet first and leveraging the most innovative concepts and technologies to deliver projects that actively enhance the well-being of customers, communities and environments.” So when plans began to create a sustainable, luxury tourism destination on the west coast of Saudi Arabia, where summer temperatures can rise above 45 °C, RSG needed an innovative system that could provide all the hotels and resorts with reliable and efficient cooling. That’s when ARANER Spain, a Comsys customer and specialists in District Cooling solutions, was contacted. 


District cooling was selected for the task because it is the most sustainable technology for producing cooling energy. Two different DC plants are needed, one for the workers’ village area and one for the main island with hotels and resorts. The application is very complex as it requires a large number of Electronically Commutated (EC) fans, which in turn contribute to high voltage distortion and the possibility of resonance. The distortion created by each transformer’s 600 EC fans and several variable frequency drives (VFDs) posed a real threat to the entire plant operation in terms of reliability, not to mention compliance challenges. The project specification required less than 5% THDu and less than 8% THDi. ARANER observed 22% THDu and 44% THDi on generator operation and observed close to 10% THDu and 44% THDi on transformer operation. 


For the first phase of the project, ARANER installed four Comsys ADF P300/300A active harmonic filters, two on each transformer, which were commissioned in 2023. For the second phase, to be commissioned around mid 2024, ARANER has supplied two ADF P300/ 450 and two ADF P300/ 300A filters.

ADF P300


Thanks to ARANER solutions, the Red Sea Global luxury tourism destination is sustainably cooled with magnetic bearing chillers using only electricity from renewable sources, mainly solar but also wind and others. Water consumption is ​​zero, and no contaminated water is discharged into the sea. The first phase has been in operation since startup and has run smoothly the entire time, with the ADF filters limiting harmonics to below target levels and keeping the plant in compliance with standards. The customer was looking for someone with the experience and competency to deliver complex power quality applications, and the feedback so far has all been good. Now we are looking forward to the next phase.

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