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Power Cable Manufacturing Plant, Jordan

Power Cables

Location: Jordan
Industry: Manufacturing
Partner: YKT


Our customer is an important manufacturer of power cables with the mission of supplying Jordan and the regional markets with the highest quality and safest products to contribute to the region’s development. The Manufacturing facilities, which are located in the northern part of Jordan, are equipped with state of art machinery and high-tech laboratories to ensure top quality products and services.


High harmonic current distortion on the grid of more than 40% was causing some of the factory’s Power Factor Correction (PFC) panels to become defective. As a result, machines were shutting down leading to increased costs. The manufacturer needed a solution to their PFC panel problem that would also provide compliance with the Jordanian standard for installing photovoltaic systems.


Comsys partner in Amman, Al-Khader for Engineering Industries L.L.C (YKT), together with local system integrators EcoSol, provided and installed Comsys active dynamic filters for each of four transformers:

Filter 150 A (ADF P100v2B-150/480_T E-----20)

Filter 150 A (ADF P100v2B-150/480_T E-----20)

Filter 240 A (2X ADF P100v2B-120/480_TCE-----20)

Filter 450 A (3X ADF P100v2B-150/480_TCE-----20)

The solution was chosen by the customer due to the high quality of the products and the local service provided by YKT and EcoSol. 


Following installation of the filters the THD level was reduced as requested and the problems with the PFC panels were solved, avoiding any further disruptions to the machinery. 

ADF Filter active

Working with YKT has been a game changer for us. Their exceptional support has helped us reach new customers and markets in Jordan, and their expertise has been invaluable in driving the sales of our Active Dynamic Filters. We couldn’t be more pleased with our partnership and are looking forward to continued success together.

Paul Thadikaran

Global Business Manager