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Dental implant factory in hi-tech park takes steps to protect neighbouring industries

ICT Vina from outside
Local Partner: PowerMore Co, ltd
Location: Danang, Vietnam
Industry: Dental implant production
Timeline: 2022-2023


In 2019, Dentium, a Korean producer of high-quality dental implants, opened its ICT VINA Factory in Danang Hi-tech Park in central Vietnam. The facility was designed for a total capacity of 11.7 million implant products, CT scanners, and computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacture (CAM) scanners used in healthcare services. In August of 2022 the utility power company serving the industrial park measured the load and detected a high current harmonic. Total Demand Distortion (TDD) was found to be 18%.

ICT VINA from outside


Although ICT VINA had not been experiencing any problems itself, the power company insisted they mitigate the current harmonic to maintain good power quality in the distribution system and protect other nearby factories. The primary problem was the current harmonic in the main busbar of the ICT VINA factory, caused by the facility’s CNC machines with servo motors and AC systems. Comsys’s partner in the area, PowerMore, was contacted on a recommendation by the power company who already knew of PowerMore’s capability and excellent 24/7 support.


PowerMore delivered and installed one Comsys ADF P300-240/480 harmonic filter to mitigate the high current harmonic in the factory. In addition to the supplier’s high level of support, positive references from completed projects demonstrating the reliability, stability and durability of Comsys’s ADF solution reassured the customer that it was the right choice for their specific needs.

ADF in wooden box, ready for shipment
ADF in facility


The problem was solved with the installation of the ADF harmonic filter which successfully reduced TDD from 18% to <6%. The customer plans to expand the factory in the future, at which time analysis of the system and possible re-configuration of the solution can easily be carried out.


The ADF P300, with a user-friendly web UI interface, simplifies the commissioning process and enables customers to effortlessly manage harmonic levels at ICT Vina Factory.

Tu Hoang Thanh

Project Manager PowerMore Co.,Ltd.

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