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Dynamic Energy Storage

Comsys DES™ solutions are high quality battery energy storage systems for a wide variety of applications within renewable energy (utilities), industry, grid stability and EV charging. In addition, they are an ideal add-on to existing ADF installations for creating new, automatic revenue streams for your business.

1. Modular and scalable
2. Ideal for utilities
3. Digital integration
4. Improved power quality
1. Modular and scalable
2. Ideal for utilities
3. Digital integration
4. Improved power quality
On this page you can read about:

Modular and scalable by design

Just place, connect and go!

Comsys Dynamic Energy Storage (DES) systems are intended for integration in low and medium voltage networks, and are highly modular by design, so you can easily scale up as needed. Every system is delivered fully assembled and pre-tested directly from our factory to your site, making installation and startup as quick and easy as possible. In addition to the batteries, each unit contains all necessary inverter, transformer, cooling, control and AC connectivity systems, so no on-site assembly is required. Just place the unit and connect it to the high or low voltage as intended. For large installations, inverter units and batteries may be delivered in separate buildings.

Industry 4.0 connectivity and versatility

Get the highest degree of digital integration

Designed to meet the rapidly growing demands and evolving challenges for intelligent powering of our planet, Comsys DES solutions feature high-speed connectivity for continuous monitoring and analytics, enabling a high degree of digital integration. This makes our solution very easy to integrate with both new and existing systems, regardless of whether the units are for retrofitting electrical power plants or used in large industrial processes.

Ideal for utilities

Wherever you generate or need electricity

Utility-scale solar and wind farms, as well as hydroelectric plants require solutions that can help perform everything from Capacity firming and Frequency regulation to Peak shaving and Load leveling. This makes them ideal applications for Comsys DES. Another is hybrid power generation combining multiple renewables and energy storage to secure stable power delivery. Turning conventional power plants into energy storage facilities with DES is yet another excellent opportunity for utilities.

To determine which system is right for you, contact us for an on-site assessment.

System features

For every need and requirement

Our high-quality DES systems are tailored to meet your specific needs and functional requirements, which is made possible thanks to:

  • Modular, scalable and easily maintainable design

  • Industry 4.0 ready

  • Distributed digital control

  • Optional class-A power quality monitoring system

  • Alternative cooling solutions (liquid, back channel cooling, air)

  • Low & medium voltage grid connection

  • Cannot be overloaded

  • Easy to use

Functional features

  • Fast Frequency Reserve (FFR)

  • Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR)

  • Peak shaving

  • Load levelling

  • Capacity firming

  • Frequency regulation

  • Voltage support

  • Grid stabilisation

  • Dynamic VAR compensation

  • Harmonic elimination

  • Total power factor correction

  • Flicker elimination

  • Active load balancing