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Environmental Policy

Comsys AB's environmental goal is to pursue active environmental work and promote sustainable social development by developing and manufacturing electrical grid solutions that deliver a more stable electrical flow, thus reducing the consumption of electricity by our customers. By offering products that positively affect the lifespan of various industrial equipment, we also contribute to a reduction in our customers environmental impact. 

Our environmental work efforts shall lead to continuous improvements and strengthened relationships with both our own staff and external contacts. 

This policy must be integrated and enforced in all areas of the company's operations. 

Our services shall actively contribute to reducing our customers' energy use and environmental impact. 

Distinguishing features of Comsys AB's environmental work are:

Responsible thinking

High environmental awareness

Positive development

This means that we shall: 

• Use materials and resources that are gentle towards the environment 

• Use natural resources and assets in an as efficient and responsible manner as possible 

• Develop and utilize our employee’s knowledge and interest in environmental issues and promote environmental awareness so that it becomes a natural part of Comsys AB's daily work 

• Cooperate with subcontractors and customers on environmental issues

• Observe all environmental laws and requirements that affect our business 

• Minimize and try to prevent Comsys AB's negative impact on the environment as well as human health