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Magchoke – Applications

The Magchoke technology is especially suitable where inductors must handle, at the same time, a fundamental frequency of e.g. 50 to 300 Hz while simultaneously and effectively filtering higher frequencies generated by e.g. switch mode power supplies and/or harmonics leaving the fundamental frequency undistorted. The Magchoke is suitable for both air and liquid-cooled solutions.

Examples of suitable products MagComp specializes in are:

  • LC filters
  • LCL filters
  • Sinus filters

Typical applications we specialize in are inductors and filters for:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (UPS)
  • Solar Inverters
  • Active Harmonic Filters
  • Wind Power Generation
  • Regenerative Drives
  • Low Harmonic Drives

Application cases

23uH 800A

Application: 1.2 MW Wind conversion
Rating: 23 μH / 800 A
Thermal management: Dual sided liquid cooling
Inductor dimension/weight: Ø 208 mm, h=92 mm, 20 kg
Benefit in application: Compact design, low losses, efficient cooling


50uH 150A

Application: Active Harmonic Filter
Rating: 50 μH / 150 A
Thermal management: Dual Al-plates to external heatsink
Inductor dimension/weight: Ø 118 mm, h=52 mm, 2.5 kg
Benefit in application: Compact design, efficient cooling, decreased cost for mechanics


100uH 200A

Application: 225 kVA UPS system
Rating: 100 μH / 200 A
Thermal management: Air cooling with single side heat sink
Inductor dimension/weight: Ø 180 mm, h=76 mm, 10 kg
Benefit in application: 0.4-0.7% efficiency increase on system level


192uH 80A

Application: 90 kW Solar converter
Rating: 192 μH / 80 A / 3-phase
Thermal management: Air cooling
Inductor dimension/weight: Ø 148 mm, h=54 mm, 15 kg
Benefit in application: Increased system efficiency, lower temperature, lower noise


LCL-filter 34A

Application: LCL-filter in a Regenerative Drives
LCL-filter rating: 3*400 VAC / 34 A
Thermal management: Air cooling
LCL-filter dimension/weight: l=380 mm, w=214 mm h=80 mm, 12 kg
Benefit in application: Increased system efficiency, lower weight, lower noise


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