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Netformer – 3 phase transformers

The patented NetFormer Transformer is an integral part of Netpowers DC UPS design eliminating all harmonics at PCC. A unique solution for large scale deployment.


  • Simple installation and operation

  • The power system is based on hot swappable rectifier modules

  • Power management system handles all control and monitoring in the system using TCP/IP based protocols

  • International standards compliant

  • System Functions

    Surge protection

    The isolation design gives added protection against power surges such as lighting strikes.

    Harmonic cancellation

    The unique patented design eliminates harmonics generated by the rectifiers making the data center fully compliant with grid code at PCC.

    One phase output

    The NetFormer is an integral part of the Netpower concept.

  • Configurations


    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Voltage: 120V – 20kV AC
    Impedance Voltage: 3,0 – 4,0 %
    Connectors: CU block


    Voltage: 3 x 230V AC
    Power: 200KVA – 2000 KVA
    Connectors Voltage: Breakers/Fuses

    Mechanical data

    Temperature class: F (155 °C)
    Enclosure: IP 20 – IP54
    Noise: <40dB


    EN/IEC 60950, Class 1
    IEC 60726

  • Netpower features

    The NetFormer is an isolation transformer that cancels the harmonic currents generated by the loads and supply single phase output to the rectifiers.

    • Low loss

    • Compact

    • Low weight

    • Robust

    • Less vibrations

    • Lower noise level

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