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Power control unit

The Netpower PCU integrates data management for battery stacks, alarms and solar power and is the UPS control unit. The PCU enables design of complete DC-grids including external DC power sources such as solar or fuel cells.

  • Description

    The Netpower PCU is a versatile control system for integration of the rectifiers and battery managment. The built in web server offers actionable data remotely. The battery fuses ensure a secure operation.

    The integrated BMS manages 3 strings of standard Lead Acid batteries. Test and service load cycling check the battery stack and perform periodical cycling of separate strings. Each battery string is cycled periodically under load with no need to shut down the UPS.

    The integration of DC sources is controlled seamlessly so that the fluctuating power from the solar cells is compensated by the grid. The DC sources are optionally metered for further use in operations using the Intelligent Distribution Module (IDM 1020).

    The PCU is equipped with main fuses, 3 x 200A.

  • Netpower features

    • Alarm and status with web interface

    • Battery fuses

    • Battery management

    • Seamless DC

    • Source integration