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Rack PDUS and Power strips

The Netpower PDUs are developed by us to provide a complete set of distribution solutions to the rack. Combined with our busbar och cable systems with plugs and sockets we provide a complete end to end solution for LVDC.

  • Netpower features

    Safety and redundancy

    The Netpower PDU family offers everything from simple power strips to A-B ready PDUs with alarm LED indicators and fuses. Common or separate fuses are available.


    The 11.4 kW high power versions are fitted with CEE connector for easy plug in to our socket system.


    The Netpower PDU range is continuously.

  • Table of Power strips and PDUs

    Input voltage range 300-400 300-400 300-400 300-400 300-400
    Input current (A) 2020303030
    Overload protection – fuses 4x10A 2x32A 2x32A 1x20A
    Power (kW) 7,67,611,411,47,6
    Output current – total 2020303030
    Output current – single outlet 2010107,57,5
    Number of outputs 10482022
    LED indicator (green) FuseFuseFuse
    LED indicator (green) PolarityPolarityPolarity
    Mechanical Data PS10PDU4PDU8PDU20PDU22
    Horizontal(H)/vertical(V) mounting H/VH/VH/VVV
    Height (U) 1112121
    Width (inches) 1919191919
    Depth (mm) 8080801 U1 U
    Weight (kg) 1.1 1.1 233
    Enclosure IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20
    Max ambient temperature --30 °C30 °C -
    CEE connector input NoNoYesYesYes
    SafetyEN/IEC 60950, class1EN/IEC 60950, class1EN/IEC 60950, class1EN/IEC 60950, class1EN/IEC 60950, class1
    Grounding--ETSI EN 301 605 ETSI EN 301 605 -
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