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Comsys part of Itea/Vinnova research project -AutoDC-

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The aim of AutoDC is to provide an innovative design framework for autonomous data centres to enable ongoing operation and self-healing independent of contextual interference, e.g. intermittent power failure or overheating, without the need for any human intervention.

With growth in the data centre market expected to continue, the cost of operating and maintaining the data centre footprint will increase. Due to lower maintenance and operation costs, autonomous data centres can become key enablers of markets in developing countries.

The Swedish part grants financial support from Vinnova over three years, RISE SICS North is the Swedish coordinator. Among the partners are Comsys, Clavister, Swegon, OP5, Swedish Modules, Hi5, KTH, Lund university, Luleå University of Technology along with other tech partners from Finland and Canada.

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