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NetTracker Solar Regulator

Utilise maximum of your solar power in your LVDC grid with the 600/380 V NetTracker. The rack mounted modules integrate seamlessly into the Netpower facility LVDC system. The power management system seamlessly regulate grid offtake to compensate for changing solar radiation. Complement the system with a battery pack for a complete microgrid.

Enable the most reliable and efficient UPS solution on the market. Perfect solution for edge-applications.

As the NetTracker is 100% powered by the sun it functions well in island mode applications.


Reliable minimum 2 x MTBF vs AC UPS

Seamless shift between grid off take and solar

Efficient, 99% peak efficiency and 98% part load efficiency

Multiple MPPT-trackers for larger installations


Build as you grow, expand seamlessly in 4 kW steps to reduce up front cost. Each 4 kW module has 1 MPPT string controller enabling very flexible optimisation of the panels output. The compact design with 36 kW in a 4 U 19 inch subrack offer a very small footprint.

Scale your system in 4 kW stages and add redundancy as required.


The SiC based power electronics is heat tolerant enabling operation in +55C. For system protection the system has thermal shut down capability.
Each NetTracker module has a n+1 fan redundancy.
The NetTracker does not require a functioning power grid like most common AC inverters.


Part load efficiency is the key to solar operational economy, in general a 4% higher yield is achieved on the production alone.

Zero night consumption, the unit is 100% powered by the sun and draw no power from the grid.

Producing and consuming the solar power on the 380 V DC bus eliminate further losses compared to using a AC inverter as several power conversion stages are removed.

Every NetTracker module has its own MPPT tracker enabling multiple strings tracked in a 4+ kW installation.

Metering and actionable data

Remote monitoring is available through the NetManager Software.

The Netpower UPS is modular and uses hot swappable modules enabling n+x configurations.

Foot print

The NetTracker is a rack mounted solarregulator that can be mounted in the same cabinet as rectifiers and power control. This feature eliminates need for separate wall space and reduce the amount of work for electrical installation.


The G3 Rectifier Modules are hot swappable to maximise uptime. A simple LED light indicate locally if a unit has failed.

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