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Build as you grow, expand seamlessly in 2,5 kW steps to reduce up front cost. As it can take up to 5-8 years to fill a data center. Prepare the cabling in advance using Netpower DC sockets for easy.

Load sharing

3 battery strings – possible to service one string while maintaining operation. Each string has its own fuse and monitoring function.

Metering and actionable data

Netpower is unique in offering 380 V DC metering through the IDM option. Log your power loads at rack level using Basic BMS system för Lead Acid batteries validate the status of the stack.


The rectifiers are hot swappable. All service from front.

Power Quality

0% Harmonics (THD)

0% Unbalances


DC systems are the most reliable as the battery is connected directly to the load without any power electronics that can potentially fail. The SiC based power electronics is heat tolerant enabling operation in +50C.

The Netpower UPS is modular and uses hot swappable modules enabling n+x configurations.


Part load efficiency is the key to a UPS operational economy. The single stage AC/DC conversion using high performance SiC components.

On top of this, the losses in cables are 50% lower.

Foot print

The Netpower UPS is 100% service from front. The units can be placed against a wall, saving costly floor area. In general a 380 V DC system require 35% less floor area than corresponding AC UPS. UPS with up to 67,5 kW can be fitted with integrated batteries in the same rack creating a extremely compact unit.


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