H&MH&M data center

H&M data centers are supplying district heating, integrate solar and also use 380 V DC to power some of its servers. Comsys provide the PDUs and distribution components.

”The DC system is very stable.”

news 1Karlstad City

Karlstad implemented 350 V DC as part of their goal to reduce energy consumption.

”DC power is part of our goal to minimize our CO2 footprint.”

141204.satterstrand.1Sätterstrand Colocation

The Sätterstrand Colocation was the first colocation offering 350 V DC site fed from medium voltage. Sätterstrand was awarded highest EU-class for green IT in 2014 and was built by Coromatic AB in 2009.

netpower swedenSwedish Energy Agency

The Swedish Energy Agency wanted to live as they learn, powering their datacenter, LED lighting and office equipment with fully integrated DC solar production.

They cut the power consumption of the data center by 50% while growing the number of users, 25% thanks to DC Power.

Imagine if all datacenters would convert to DC-power. It would save many TWh.
– Kerstin Jansson, facility manager, Swedish Energy Agency

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