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We are proud to announce that our successful partner Ebatech in The Netherlands has sold two ADF P300-300 system to the Amsterdam Police. This order is once again a clear indication that the well proven ADF technology for improving their power quality and energy efficiency is applicable to most industries and applications. Ebatech is a consulting company with a focus on energy efficiency and is fully owned by Nuon, one of the largest utility companies in The Netherlands.

Comsys has together with the well-known power quality consultant firm PQ-Engineering Nosswitz received two orders in the Munich region, making a total of three P300 and one P200. The applications are printing and sinter furnace. The solution will compensate harmonics and eliminate a resonance problem.

Comsys has together with Vacon Norway received an order for four P300-300 for an offshore drilling rig to Petro Vietnam. Vacon, a high-end manufacturer of frequency converters will deliver the ADF’s together with their equipment to control the drills at a new drilling rig that will be stationed in the waters outside of Vietnam. “This is our first delivery for an offshore application, but far from the last as we see an increasing demand in this segment due to weak grids in these applications”, says Rickard Jacobson from Comsys.

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