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We are proud to announce that we have engaged in a partnership with Bravida in Sweden and Norway. Bravida will sell and distribute our ADF product lines in these two markets. The partnership will give Comsys a good establishment on these markets through Bravidas market coverage. Bravida is one of the leading companies offering solutions and services within automation for industry and commercial buildings. As power quality is a focus for most industries, Bravida sees the partnership as a very strategic move to support their customer with solutions and services that will identify and eliminate disturbances that can result in production instability and unnecessary energy losses.

Sandvik Rock Processing, a subsidiary of Sandvik Mining and Construction, have decided to invest in a 4 MVA ADF solution from Comsys to help them increase their output from a 10-ton EAF(electric arc furnace). By installing a solution based on the well proven ADF P300 power optimizer, which has the shortest response time on the market today, Sandvik has the possibility to increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption. This is in line with the Sandvik Group's environmental goals.

The order proves once again that Comsys has a leading position within in the market of power quality solutions and energy optimization.


Coca Cola Drikker AS in Oslo has invested in five ADF P300 systems for energy optimization. The brewery has experienced power quality issues leading to problems with PLC equipment and the static power factor correction. The ADFs will eliminate harmonics and increase the power factor. Comsys business partner Bravida has done an extensive verification of Coca Cola's production facility and have verified improvements by using the ADF technology.

We have been doing “health checks” for customers during the last months and it’s clear to us that most customers have varying problems with power quality without knowing about it. With the ADF technology from Comsys we were able to help our customer Coca Cola with their power quality problem, which of course is fantastic, says Öystein Svendsen, marketing director at Bravida Norway.

Comsys has received an order together with the German Power quality consultant firm ITNQ  to provide a ADF P200 for resonance elimination at a solar power plant in Germany. The ADF P200 is the only active filter on the market today that can eliminate resonances in the power grid. Resonances is a serious problem, which often results in production stops and equipment failure. At the solar plant, the resonances result in component failure. The P200 will dampen the resonance in order to eliminate the problem.

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