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Comsys has been elected industrial research partner to participate in a Vinnova supported research project together with several departments at the Lund Institute of Technology. The project objective is to investigate use and production methods for new soft magnetic materials for complex magnetic flow conductors such as inductors in switching applications.

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COMSYS is proud to welcome a new partner to the ADF Partner Network: FRAKO, a specialist in power factor correction, power quality, and energy management. This partnership combines ADF (the latest and highest quality power quality technology) with FRAKO’S service and industry excellence.

Speaking out in strong support of the partnership, Marcus Löfgren, CEO COMSYS AB, exclaims, "We are pleased by the comprehensive service and consultancy network of FRAKO. It ensures complete support of Comsys ADF technology in GE, A, CH." He adds that, "For our existing and new customers, [FRAKO’s] service network secures fast and competent assistance with technical questions and offers the best support for our filter systems. [Partnering with FRAKO] ensures the best operation of our active filters".

And there is celebrating being done on FRAKO’s side as well. Achim Loesch, FRAKO’s Sales Director, explains, “Customers face more complex problems than they have in the past, and ADF is the latest and best technology we can offer them in order to solve these new complex problems.” By partnering with COMSYS, FRAKO boosts their product portfolio and helps customers to focus on what is most important: “To keep their production processes safely running.”


Comsys is a leader at increasing power quality through a wide range of products and solutions. Although many industries suffer from poor power quality without knowing, it can result in production instability and energy inefficiency. Comsys’ ADF Power Tuning products eliminate these common disturbances, thereby improving environmental performance and saving energy. 

Contact us to find the best solution to stabilize your production and improve energy efficiency.

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