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As we are taking steps in our overall strategy plan and to support future growth Comsys AB have appointed Jonny Hult as new CEO, effective 1st of September 2019. Previously Jonny worked at Alfa Laval where he had the position as Head of marine heat transfer equipment sales. Jonny has also held several other positions within Alfa Laval and also ABB. He holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Lund University.

I’m honoured and very excited to join Comsys which has a good team and core products in place constituting a strong foundation for the next phase of growth. Going forward we will build further on our core values executing on a solid market plan expanding our business. I look forward to the diverse challenges of growing the company globally together with the enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable team. I believe we have a great future as the need for products helping customers to deal with their power quality problems is growing worldwide with an increasing pace driven by fundamental things such as energy efficiency initiatives and cost down projects in various industries, says Jonny Hult

 Jonny Hult

For more information contact:
Jonny Hult

LUND, SWEDEN, 2019-05-08

saygoodbyeSince its start 18 years ago, Comsys has been a pioneer within the field of power quality, leading the way among the global active filter market, having established many features that today are now considered standard. As Comsys’ journey continues, they have strengthened their portfolio by acquiring Netpower and MagChoke, further adding more expertise to their offering and gearing up to tackle the energy challenges of tomorrow.

To unify these brands and solidify their offering as one company, “ADF Power Tuning” will now simply be “ADF”, together with the brands “Netpower” and “MagChoke”. They have chosen to focus on their original brand and company name, Comsys, profiling it as a leader not only within power quality but now also within grid applications.


Our extended portfolio makes the circle complete as we now also can offer energy storage, grid connection and DC solutions which enables us to be part of the tomorrows challenges with renewable energy, microgrid, charging etc.

– Rickard Jacobson, Head of Sales and Marketing

say helloAlong with the expanded portfolio is a new brand visual identity that will carry Comsys into the future. Their customers from the utilities, marine, oil & gas, data center, water treatment, renewables and other industries will get the same great solutions and service as they always have but might notice a new look.

About Comsys
Comsys, together with our global network of partners, provides grid and energy solutions to industry leaders worldwide, enabling them to increase productivity, and simultaneously save money while reducing their carbon footprint. We achieve this through a competitive offering of AC and DC products, including their patented technologies ADF, Netpower and MagChoke.


To find out more about this topic, please contact:

Rickard Jacobson
Head of Sales and Marketing

+46 704 99 99 34

Swedish research and technology easily end up outside the country's borders. Through the acquisition of MagComp AB's unique and patented inductor technology Magchoke, Comsys AB ensures that the technology is protected and developed further.

When MagComp, a Swedish company with roots in Lund University, decided to sell the part of the company that focuses on inductors, Comsys made sure to win the negotiations.

MagChoke- With the acquisition of MagComp's inductor operations, we ensure that Swedish research, technology and expertise stay in the country. We also secure a key component in our existing products, at the same time we gain access to resources to further develop the technology, says Marcus Löfgren, CEO of Comsys.

The patented technology MagChoke® is about replacing the conventional magnetic core with inductors with metal powders that are mixed in epoxy and then moulded around the coils, giving unique properties at the same time as the manufacturing cost is lower.

The power electronics company Comsys, with the product ADF Power Tuning, has a solution that delivers the right power quality to industrial customers all over the world. An important ingredient in the ADF is precisely inductors, which act as "shock absorbers" for quick changes in the electric current.

Today's society is becoming increasingly dependent on electronic equipment, while the quality of the electricity network is falling and the vulnerability is increasing, component damage, disruptions and long power outages are becoming increasingly common.

- The increasing use of electricity also creates a risk for energy shortages and an infrastructure that is not related to the rapid development. When, for example, a car or bus is to be charged in a very short time, parts of the electricity grid do not cope with the load, but there the ADF helps the technology and relieves the process. 
The need for energy storage and micro networks increases and the inductor technology in MagChoke® will continue to be important building blocks in our products in these areas, continues Marcus Löfgren.

Manufacturing and personnel are transferred to Tramo ETV in Eslöv, a well-reputed company that for more than 30 years has built up a solid experience through the manufacture of just inductive components.

For questions or if you want to make an interview, please contact
Marcus Löfgren, CEO Comsys AB
+ 46 768-870 979,

About Comsys AB
Comsys AB is growing by over 20 percent annually by offering its own developed technology ADF Power Tuning to customers all over the world in a variety of industries with customers such as BMW, Audi, Tetra Pak, Sandvik and Coca Cola to name a few. The product ensures that the electricity quality meets the network owners' requirements at the connection point.

MALMÖ, SE. October 16, 2017.

Through a share swap, Comsys AB, the creator of ADF Power Tuning, has acquired Netpower Labs in order to become a full-service supplier for the next generation power grid

Through a share swap, Comsys AB, the creator of ADF Power Tuning, has acquired Netpower Labs in order to become a full-service supplier for the next generation power grid. Netpower Lab’s CEO Stefan Lidström will continue as Product Manager within Comsys.

Marcus Löfgren, CEO of Comsys ABThe acquisition of Netpower Labs, means that Comsys now will be able to offer a complete toolbox for system integrators to create the next generation power grid.

Marcus Löfgren, CEO of Comsys AB, explains why they made the move to acquire Netpower:

We saw a great fit in Netpower as we move into battery storage, EV, and solar applications. We were impressed with the breadth of development, as well as the quality of the products from Netpower. 380 V DC enables extreme power savings while eliminating many power quality issues such as unbalances and THD that we are commonly addressing with our current ADF technology.

Globally, Comsys sees immense potential in the area of energy savings - which Netpower Labs can facilitate. For Example, the data center industry is an extreme power cunsomer and growing constantly. It currently consumes 3% of global power*. With potential energy savings in the 15-30% range, it is extremely profitable to implemant 380 V DC in new projects, and there is also significanty less drain on resources and the environment. Data center power losses in particular are becoming a more urgent problem going forward. Data will cost significantly more, in terms of power, thus rerquiring efficient solutions. 

“The power grid is changing fast, as renewables and EV-mobility are adapted at an exponential rate. The development puts great strain on the power infrastructure. The combined solutions of Comsys and Netpower Labs enable highly efficient solutions for microgrids, peak shaving, grid stabilization, as well as integrated solar, so called DC charging”, Marcus Löfgren says.

The telecom industry is also moving towards the next generation mobile netowrks, 5G. This shift will require new types of power feed where Netpower has ready solutions for base stations in buildings and blocks.

Stefan Lidström, CEO of Netpower Labs AB, why the chose to join Comsys:

“We saw a big opportunity in using Comsys’ network to reach out with our DC-current solution. DC power is in many circumstances simpler and more robust than AC power and 380 V DC can be used directly in today’s products for LED-lights, computers, battery storage, solar and EV chargers. Together with Comsys’ know-how in AC applications and their global partner network, we will be able to serve large commercial installations”, Stefan Lidström says

Comsys will use its global ADF Partner Network to offer Netpower’s DC solutions worldwide.

For more information:
Marcus Löfgren, email: , phone: +46 768 870 979
Stefan Lidström email: , phone: +46 705 119 985

About Comsys
Comsys AB, creator of ADF Power Tuning, is a Swedish cleantech company specializing in power qualityComsys AB, creator of ADF Power Tuning, is a Swedish cleantech company specializing in power quality. Comsys is the market leader in active compensation of unwanted electrical quality problems that are being violated in wind and solar power, but also manufacturing, data centers, hospitals, ships, water treatment, etc. ADF Power Tuning products enable increased productivity, reduced operating costs and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Comsys customers represent world-renowned brands and ADF installations are found today in about fifty countries around the world.

Website: www.comsys.se
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/comsys-ab
Twitter: twitter.com/ADFPowerTuning

About Netpower
Netpower Labs is a pioneer in 380 V DC applications with lengthy list of references built by a team of senior engineers from Ericsson and Telia. The product portfolio is designed for telecom and datacenters and offer market leading efficiency and carrier grade quality. Netpower Labs base technology is built around an extremely efficient SiC-based rectifier and its patented transformer integration.

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