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Comsys is taking the next step to produce higher quantities of ADF Power Tuning in an efficient and process-driven production setting.

Due to increased demands for ADF technology from our customers, Comsys has decided to work with global production company, PartnerTech. As a global industrial partner, PartnerTech offers a complete, customized production capacity for the entire lifecycle of a product, from product development to production and aftermarket services. With plants in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, the UK, the United States and China, the company enables a global supply chain adapted to the customer’s needs. Comsys’ joint operation with PartnerTech will begin in Q4 2015 with PartnerTech assembling all power modules that will be used for OEM customers and for integration in ADF P300 and P100 units. 

While we are very proud to begin collaborating with PartnerTech, we are not the only one.

“We’re very proud to be a strategic partner to Comsys in producing ADF Power Tuning modules. These products are in the forefront of technology and we look forward to contributing with our extensive experience of developing and manufacturing technically advanced products of the highest quality,”
says Leif Thorwaldsson, President and CEO of PartnerTech.

So, what does this mean for you, our partners and customers? The main change is that we will be able to meet your increasing demand for ADF Power Tuning. Marcus Löfgren, Comsys CEO, explains, “This partnership is a great opportunity—it’s the next step in Comsys history. Most importantly we are accelerating our ability to be able to produce our products on a larger scale.”

This new relationship is part of a long-term strategy to better serve you and increase efficiency and structure along the supply chain. We know you support ADF technology and understand the advantages of its capabilities, and now you can trust that we will always deliver according to your expectations.

For more information, please contact Marcus Löfgren, CEO COMSYS AB.

+46 10 209 6803 (direct)
+46 768 870979(mobile)

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Comsys AB, creator of ADF Power Tuning and global power quality expert, is proud to be presenting ADF technology at this year’s Electrical & Hybrid Marine World Expo.

The Expo is a global event, with exhibitors and visitors from around the world. It showcases emerging efficient propulsion technologies and components to an audience of propulsion system designers, ship owners and operators, boat builders, engine manufacturers, naval architects and military fleet operators/chiefs.

In the past year, Comsys has built up a unique competence within the area of power quality in the Marine and Offshore sector. This has led to increased requests from both customers and prospective partners for ADF Power Tuning. At this year’s Expo, Comsys aims to introduce prospective partners to the leading low harmonic solution, ADF Power Tuning, while seeking to meet the specific needs of customers within the marine industry.

The benefits of using ADF Power Tuning on a ship or rig are many. We invite everyone working in this field to visit us and learn more about how they can save money, space, and hassle by implementing ADF Power Tuning.

The Expo will take place between 23-25 June in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Visit us at booth 6055.


Comsys AB, the creator of ADF Power Tuning, is a Swedish cleantech company specialized in power quality. We provide solutions to world renowned brands on a global scale, enabling them to increase productivity, and simultaneously save money while reducing their carbon footprint.

Website: http://www.comsys.se/solutions/industries/marine-power-quality-solutions.html


Twitter: https://twitter.com/ADFPowerTuning

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Frako newCOMSYS is proud to welcome a new partner to the ADF Partner Network: FRAKO, a specialist in power factor correction, power quality, and energy management. This partnership combines ADF (the latest and highest quality power quality technology) with FRAKO’S service and industry excellence.

Speaking out in strong support of the partnership, Marcus Löfgren, CEO COMSYS AB, exclaims, "We are pleased by the comprehensive service and consultancy network of FRAKO. It ensures complete support of Comsys ADF technology in GER, AT, CH." He adds that, "For our existing and new customers, [FRAKO’s] service network secures fast and competent assistance with technical questions and offers the best support for our filter systems. [Partnering with FRAKO] ensures the best operation of our active filters".

And there is celebrating being done on FRAKO’s side as well. Achim Loesch, FRAKO’s Sales Director, explains, “Customers face more complex problems than they have in the past, and ADF is the latest and best technology we can offer them in order to solve these new complex problems.” By partnering with COMSYS, FRAKO boosts their product portfolio and helps customers to focus on what is most important: “To keep their production processes safely running.”


Comsys is a leader at increasing power quality through a wide range of products and solutions. Although many industries suffer from poor power quality without knowing, it can result in production instability and energy inefficiency. Comsys’ ADF Power Tuning products eliminate these common disturbances, thereby improving environmental performance and saving energy. 

Contact us to find the best solution to stabilize your production and improve energy efficiency.


Comsys today announced the acquisition of Stuttgart based power quality and power converter development company PowerQ GmbH. The acquisition highlights Comsys strategic focus on technological innovation and international expansion to build long-term shareholder value and strengthen customer support in key markets.

"This transaction combines PowerQ's strong competence in advanced power converter design for power quality and an increased presence in the growing central European markets with Comsys already extensive portfolio of power quality solutions", said Peter Ström, Executive Deputy Chairman of Comsys."Heiko Vachek and his team have done an impressive job of nurturing the domain knowledge and have created significant value. We are pleased to bring this talent and these great assets to Comsys."

"Comsys is the perfect home for PowerQ's know how, solutions and products. Given our good strategic fit, the combination of our forces will bring significant opportunities for fast growth and more cost efficient product platforms," said Heiko Vachek, PowerQ's Chief Technical Officer."This was an unparalleled opportunity for us and it was too good to pass."

Commenting on the announcement Lars Frithiof, Chairman Comsys AB said, "being provided with a platform such as PowerQ will enable us to serve the German and central European markets more efficient and to continue our expansion by increasing our ambitions in a very progressive region."

PowerQ GmbH, has extensive experience in Power Quality, energy analysis and advanced power converter design.The company was founded by Heiko Vachek after leaving a position as partner and CTO of an R&D company in mid 2006 where Vachek focused on power converter design and development of active power filter products for the broadcasting industry, data centers and wind power. PowerQ GmbH has customers such as BMW, Bosch and Vestas Wind on their customer reference list.

With the acquisition, PowerQ GmbH becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Comsys. Operations will be coordinated to maximize the performance of both Comsys and PowerQ.

For more information please contact:

Marcus löfgren,

CEO Comsys AB ,
Tel: +46-46-286 35 03

Lars Frithiof,

Chairman Comsys AB

Tel: +46-705-81 10 77


Comsys AB specializes in energy optimization and helps clients to resolve power quality problems in low and medium voltage electrical systems. Comsys develops, manufactures and markets the patented digital energy optimization technology ADF. It reduces energy consumption, increases production capacity, resolves production disturbances, and reduces maintenance and refit costs in a wide array of processes and applications. The ADF product line ranges from 100 kVA and upwards to several MVA. For more information, please visit: www.comsys.se



Comsys AB – Ideon Science Park – SE-223 70 Lund – Sweden - Tel:+46(0)46-286 35 00 –



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