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Vattenfall group strategies, R&D has made an evaluation of the technical merits of an active filter compensation product from the company Comsys. The evaluation was based on experiences from a number of up and running reference plants.

During the last 10-year period it has been possible to treat certain power quality shortcomings by use of active filters instead of conventional passive filters. So far active filters has been too expensive, but now the prices of critical semiconductor valves have fallen and the conditions have changed. In this situation Comsys, a relatively new company connected to Ideon in Lund, has introduced a product that is competitive with traditional filters as well as with solutions available from the major established Suppliers. The evaluation showed that the active filter product, ADF P600, can successfully solve power quality problems such as poor power factor, harmonics, unbalance and flicker. Comsys technology could be used as a tool for mitigation in customer installations. Improved power quality and reduced losses in the customer's installation as well as in the feeding network imply cost savings and an environmental benefit.

Johan Söderbom
R&D Programme Manager
Vattenfall Group Functions Strategies

For more information please contact:
Marcus Löfgren,
CEO Comsys AB

Tel: +46-46-286 35 03

Comsys AB specializes in energy optimization and helps clients to resolve power quality problems in low and medium voltage electrical systems. Comsys develops, manufactures and markets the patented digital energy optimization technology ADF. It reduces energy consumption, increases production capacity, resolves production disturbances, and reduces maintenance and refit costs in a wide array of processes and applications. The ADF product line ranges from 100 kVA and upwards to several MVA. For more information, please visit: www.comsys.se

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