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ADF Power Tuning now supports even more customers in Asia. The latest is LIXIL VINA Co., Ltd. in Vietnam.

LIXIL VINA "manufactures and sells outstanding Japan-quality products such as aluminum window sashes, doors, exterior products and plastic accessories" in Vietnam and overseas markets.


LIXIL VINA now has an ADF P100 and ADF P300 on-site to support in their production of superior home accessories.

LIXIL VINA installation


Do you have an operation in Asia in need of a high-tech power quality solution? Contact us now for a free consultation.

This year we celebrate 10 years since the launch of the ADF P300.DSC04599 1

The launch of the ADF P300 marked two important ventures for Comsys:  it was the first fully standardized product from Comsys, designed with key industrial applications in mind; and it was the first truly modular active harmonic filter with general commercial availability. 

With an integrated web based user interface (WUI and ADF Dashboard), the ADF P300 raised the bar for user-friendliness and ease-of-use in advanced active filtering solutions. This, combined with the ability to handle not only harmonics but also reactive power, unbalance and flicker, made the ADF P300 the ultimate power quality tool box.

“We would like to use this anniversary as an opportunity to say thank you to our loyal customers,” says Jonas Persson, Head of Products & Services. “The ADF P300 is the benchmark product to beat in power quality. We will keep innovating to provide the best power quality solutions for the next 10 years as well.”

Since its inception many have followed, but the ADF P300 has not stood still. Originally launched as air-cooled, the ADF P300W – the liquid cooled variant of the ADF P300 – was launched in 2008. It featured increased power density, with an IP54 rating. At that time, it featured the highest power density of any active filter, saving space for the customer. This unit was also the second active filter to the market that provided 690V as an option from the start, but it was the first with modularity and 690V.

ADF P300Befitting Comsys’ project heritage, the ADF P300 has been used in a number of medium voltage applications, connected to the grid via a step-up transformer.

The ADF P300 has undergone various changes, from voltage adjustments to grid compatibility, but today it remains the most flexible and complete power quality solution on the market.  With ABS-approval for marine applications in 2015 and the newly added capability of Sensor-less control, it is now an even more versatile tool.

Over the years, the ADF P300 series has found applications in segments from industrial applications, variable speed drives, water treatment, electric arc furnaces, oil & gas (both land drilling and off-shore), marine applications, data centers, airports, STATCOM applications, numerous flicker applications, inductive heating, automotive industry, and many more. Although it’s just 10 years old, the ADF P300 has an unbeatable track record.


ADF Power Tuning was developed by Comsys AB in Lund, Sweden. Working with their global network of partners, the ADF Partner Network provides active filter solutions to industry leaders worldwide, enabling them to increase productivity, and simultaneously save money while reducing their carbon footprint.

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After months of work, we are now proud to share with you our new and improved website!

With a new focus on our great product, you will now find all you need to know about ADF Power Tuning on our new and improved site.

In addition to a complete visual makeover, we have made many changes to provide you, our visitors, with an easier to use, customer-friendly website that is more attuned to your needs. Unsure why this is technology could boost your operation? Well, there’s a section on our most relevant industries and case stories perfect for you. Wanting to learn more about the tech behind our product? You can easily find that too—and more!

A main benefit of our product is that it optimizes efficiency for your operation, and now our website does that too.

Comsys is taking the next step to produce higher quantities of ADF Power Tuning in an efficient and process-driven production setting.

Due to increased demands for ADF technology from our customers, Comsys has decided to work with global production company, PartnerTech. As a global industrial partner, PartnerTech offers a complete, customized production capacity for the entire lifecycle of a product, from product development to production and aftermarket services. With plants in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, the UK, the United States and China, the company enables a global supply chain adapted to the customer’s needs. Comsys’ joint operation with PartnerTech will begin in Q4 2015 with PartnerTech assembling all power modules that will be used for OEM customers and for integration in ADF P300 and P100 units. 

While we are very proud to begin collaborating with PartnerTech, we are not the only one.

“We’re very proud to be a strategic partner to Comsys in producing ADF Power Tuning modules. These products are in the forefront of technology and we look forward to contributing with our extensive experience of developing and manufacturing technically advanced products of the highest quality,”
says Leif Thorwaldsson, President and CEO of PartnerTech.

So, what does this mean for you, our partners and customers? The main change is that we will be able to meet your increasing demand for ADF Power Tuning. Marcus Löfgren, Comsys CEO, explains, “This partnership is a great opportunity—it’s the next step in Comsys history. Most importantly we are accelerating our ability to be able to produce our products on a larger scale.”

This new relationship is part of a long-term strategy to better serve you and increase efficiency and structure along the supply chain. We know you support ADF technology and understand the advantages of its capabilities, and now you can trust that we will always deliver according to your expectations.

For more information, please contact Marcus Löfgren, CEO COMSYS AB.

+46 10 209 6803 (direct)
+46 768 870979(mobile)

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