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As we are taking steps in our overall strategy plan and to support future growth Comsys AB have appointed Jonny Hult as new CEO, effective 1st of September 2019. Previously Jonny worked at Alfa Laval where he had the position as Head of marine heat transfer equipment sales. Jonny has also held several other positions within Alfa Laval and also ABB. He holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Lund University.

I’m honoured and very excited to join Comsys which has a good team and core products in place constituting a strong foundation for the next phase of growth. Going forward we will build further on our core values executing on a solid market plan expanding our business. I look forward to the diverse challenges of growing the company globally together with the enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable team. I believe we have a great future as the need for products helping customers to deal with their power quality problems is growing worldwide with an increasing pace driven by fundamental things such as energy efficiency initiatives and cost down projects in various industries, says Jonny Hult

 Jonny Hult

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