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CEO Succession – Entering a New Era

Peter Ström has, as principal founder, been the entrepreneurial leader since the start in 1996 and the Board recognises the significant contribution made by Peter who has successfully led the Company through a period of growth and development since the start.

As the company moves into a more market driven phase, leaving the entrepreneurial development stage, a more market focused leadership is required to put the organization and business development to the next level of continuing success and growth.

As part of a succession plan, Marcus Löfgren was recruited in December 2008 with a solid background in international sales and marketing from former positions held at Siemens, TDC and Ericsson. Marcus has been Marketing manager since joining Comsys December 2008 and the board has jointly decided to promote Marcus to Chief executive officer in effect from 1st of August 2009.

Peter has been promoted to Executive deputy Chairman and will in this new capacity continue to help the organization and CEO on a daily basis as well as focus on business development strategies.

"Marcus was the obvious choice for us, with strong competence in marketing strategy from well reputed international companies and a clear view of the way forward. I feel confident to turn over the operative responsibility to Marcus," Peter Ström says.

Commenting on the appointments, Lars Frithiof, Chairman, said: "We are delighted to promote Marcus to Chief executive. He has made a considerable mark on the business since joining Comsys and is well equipped to take the business through to the next stage. Furthermore we are delighted to retain Peter's phenomenal business and industry knowledge in his new role which will be key for the Company going forward."

For more information please contact:
Lars Frithiof,
Chairman Comsys AB

Tel: +46-705-81 10 77

Marcus Löfgren,
CEO Comsys AB 
Tel: +46-46-286 35 03

Comsys AB specializes in energy optimization and helps clients to resolve power quality problems in low and medium voltage electrical systems. Comsys develops, manufactures and markets the patented digital energy optimization technology ADF. It reduces energy consumption, increases production capacity, resolves production disturbances, and reduces maintenance and refit costs in a wide array of processes and applications. The ADF product line ranges from 100 kVA and upwards to several MVA. For more information, please visit: www.comsys.se

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