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Microsoft Buys Energy Technology from Comsys in Lund

The environmental technology company Comsys at Ideon in Lund has received an order from Seattle based Microsoft. Comsys will perform an extensive power quality and energy analysis at one of Microsoft's data centers in North America.

Comsys have developed a technology, ADF, that stabilises the voltage in the power grid in realtime and minimizes the risk of power outages. The technology can make possible energy savings of approximately 10 percent by making connected machines consume power more energy efficient by making the voltage higher and more stable. The Microsoft site were the Comsys technology is considered to be installed is isolated from the electricity grid, as the equipment is dependent on stable and even supply of electricity. 

Power is today generated using generators to minimize the disturbances allways present in the electricity grid. Exactly what the order is worth, CEO Peter Ström did not say, but he says that it is significant. Comsys was founded in 1996 by, among others, Peter Ström, and today has 10 employees. The Board of Comsys contains names as E. ON 's former CEO Lars Frithiof and Leif Engstrom, former logistics director for TAC, now part of the Schneider Group.

Source: Wivan-Kristina Sandberg, Nyhetsbrevet Rapidus

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Marcus Löfgren,
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Comsys AB specializes in energy optimization and helps clients to resolve power quality problems in low and medium voltage electrical systems. Comsys develops, manufactures and markets the patented digital energy optimization technology ADF. It reduces energy consumption, increases production capacity, resolves production disturbances, and reduces maintenance and refit costs in a wide array of processes and applications. The ADF product line ranges from 100 kVA and upwards to several MVA. For more information, please visit: www.comsys.se


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