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Comsys Combats Flicker and Stops Flashing Lights in Belgium

The IDEON company Comsys AB in Lund has been commissioned by the Belgian manufacturer Henrad radiators to eliminate their problems with flashing lights in surrounding buildings due to flicker. A problem that increases in stressed electricity grids in both Sweden and the rest of the world.

Henrad is Belgium's largest producer of radiators with a production site of 55 000 m² and a daily production volume of around 5 000 radiators. In the manufacture of radiators various types of welding is used, which is very energy intensive and puts high requirements on the power grid.

"Henrad turned to three different suppliers, including Comsys, for a solution. After evaluation Henrad selected us because of our unique knowledge in the active energy optimization field. Knowledge that few other companies possess," says Marcus Löfgren, CEO for Comsys AB.

Welding is one of the most dynamic loads in industry and often create concerns with instability in the grid. People believe that the flashing lights are very distracting. When Laborelec, a well known Belgian consulting firm, performed measurements at Henrad's facility, it was far above the threshold for what is approved in Belgium with regard to flicker.

- The order value of our solution is just over SEK 2 million and we expect additional orders, both in Europe and the rest of the world in 2010, says Marcus Löfgren.

For more information contact:

Marcus Löfgren
CEO Comsys AB
Tel: 046-286 35 03

Rickard Jacobson,
Account Manager Comsys AB
Tel: 046-286 35 09

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