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Power Quality Problem in Tranemo Solved After 30 Years of Arbitration

The cause of the dispute has been interference in the form of flicker which occurs in Östra Kind's power grid, due to the production of welded steel grids at JH Tidbecks AB.

JH Tidbecks manufactures grids and wire mesh for the process industry. The process involves large welders which briefly causes voltage drops in the network around Ljungsarp in the county of Tranemo. These voltage dips causes lights to flash in households and are perceived as very disruptive to the population in the area around the industry. The public has thus called for measures to be taken towards the Utility Östra Kinds, who in turn has been forced to make demands on Tidbecks to solve the problem. The discussions of the problem intensified in 2004 and numerous consultants and experts have since been engaged to find a suitable solution.

It took until late 2009 before a product that could solve the problem was found, and in January 2010 Tidbecks decided to invest in an ADF energy optimizer from Comsys AB.

"Problems with the voltage disturbances caused by flicker is a huge growth market for us and globally we expect these problems to become more and more common due to lack of capacity in the existing power grid infrastructure," says CEO Marcus Löfgren.

Comsys has quickly become one of the leaders in the Power Quality field and is currently represented by partnerships in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Entry into the North American energy market is planned in late 2010.

For more information contact:

Marcus Löfgren
CEO Comsys AB

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Rickard Jacobson,
Account Manager Comsys AB

Tel: 046-286 35 09

Comsys AB specializes in energy optimization and helps clients to resolve power quality problems in low and medium voltage electrical systems. Comsys develops, manufactures and markets the patented digital energy optimization technology ADF. It reduces energy consumption, increases production capacity, resolves production disturbances, and reduces maintenance and refit costs in a wide array of processes and applications. The ADF product line ranges from 100 kVA and upwards to several MVA. For more information, please visit: www.comsys.se


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