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Enhancing our supply chain to better meet your needs

Comsys is taking the next step to produce higher quantities of ADF Power Tuning in an efficient and process-driven production setting.

Due to increased demands for ADF technology from our customers, Comsys has decided to work with global production company, PartnerTech. As a global industrial partner, PartnerTech offers a complete, customized production capacity for the entire lifecycle of a product, from product development to production and aftermarket services. With plants in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, the UK, the United States and China, the company enables a global supply chain adapted to the customer’s needs. Comsys’ joint operation with PartnerTech will begin in Q4 2015 with PartnerTech assembling all power modules that will be used for OEM customers and for integration in ADF P300 and P100 units. 

While we are very proud to begin collaborating with PartnerTech, we are not the only one.

“We’re very proud to be a strategic partner to Comsys in producing ADF Power Tuning modules. These products are in the forefront of technology and we look forward to contributing with our extensive experience of developing and manufacturing technically advanced products of the highest quality,”
says Leif Thorwaldsson, President and CEO of PartnerTech.

So, what does this mean for you, our partners and customers? The main change is that we will be able to meet your increasing demand for ADF Power Tuning. Marcus Löfgren, Comsys CEO, explains, “This partnership is a great opportunity—it’s the next step in Comsys history. Most importantly we are accelerating our ability to be able to produce our products on a larger scale.”

This new relationship is part of a long-term strategy to better serve you and increase efficiency and structure along the supply chain. We know you support ADF technology and understand the advantages of its capabilities, and now you can trust that we will always deliver according to your expectations.

For more information, please contact Marcus Löfgren, CEO COMSYS AB.

+46 10 209 6803 (direct)
+46 768 870979(mobile)
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