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Comsys AB Announces New CEO

Rickard Jacobson has been appointed CEO of Comsys AB by the Board of Directors. Rickard earlier held the position as Head of Sales & Deputy CEO and has a long history in the company. He will take on the roll as CEO after Jonny Hult, effective immediately.

I’m very excited to accept this new role given my many years in the company and a solid global know-how of the power quality business. Comsys is a fantastic company with truly groundbreaking and innovative products, but more importantly, an amazing team and global network of partners, says Rickard Jacobson, CEO of Comsys AB

Rickard Jacobson CEO

Following the growth and positive development Comsys AB have seen the last years, Rickard will continue the current path to keep the position as the premier choice for power quality solutions as well as develop new technologies to support the challenges that are arising from renewable energy sources.

Marianne Sernevi, Chairwoman of the board, commented on the CEO change, saying “Rickard is a proven leader and has delivered outstanding performance throughout his carreer and have been a key player since he joined Comsys 12 years ago. We look forward to continuing develop Comsys for the bright future we can see ahead together with Rickard and the whole Comsys team.

The board also want to thank Jonny Hult for his time with the company, Comsys have developed in a very good way and we wish him all the best with his future career"

For more information, please contact:

Rickard Jacobson, CEO

+46 704 99 99 34

About Comsys AB
Comsys AB, a cleantech company based in Lund Sweden, develops digital energy control methods and products to optimize and improve energy flow in a wide variety of applications and help customers to meet increasingly challenging demands set by standards and utility companies. Our technologies provide robust solutions for both grid operators and applications within industrial automation, building automation, data centers and the marine sector, to name just a few. They are also being increasingly used in electricity production and energy storage, primarily from solar and wind, in order to meet the constantly growing demands by grid operator owners around the world.

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