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Comsys Announces New CEO

LUND, SWEDEN September 2, 2022 - The Board of Directors of Comsys AB is pleased to announce the appointment of Marianne Sernevi as the new Chief Executive Officer of Comsys, effective immediately.

Marianne Sernevi

Marianne will guide the organization in its mission to be the leading global supplier of advanced solutions for energy efficiency and power quality for all types of applications and infrastructures.  

"We welcome Marianne as the new CEO of Comsys. We have had to opportunity to work with her since 2019 as chairwoman of Comsys board. Her background from the power sector and Comsys will allow us to maintain the fantastic traction we are currently experiencing. It will be very exciting to follow Marianne and the team as they expand Comsys market footprint"

Olle Lundberg

Board Member of Comsys and CEO of GLD Invest AB

Marianne has held the position of chairwoman of the board of Comsys for over three years and brings a wealth of industry experience spanning over two decades. Throughout her career, she has worked for companies like SkåneEnergi, Mectec Elektronik AB, AdderaCare, and AudioDev AB amongst others.

“I look forward to working with the Comsys team to develop the company's continued growth strategy ensuring continuity after Rickard’s resignation. I am eager to return to work within technology in an internationally operating organization that strives toward excellence and success. Comsys is a competent company with remarkable skills applicable as we delve into the possibilities and challenges of electrification and energy systems. I have known Comsys and its team since 2018 when I was appointed board chairwoman, and I am thrilled to get to know the team and the products more in-depth. I have held the CEO position with AdderaCare, Skånska Energi, Cetec, and AudioDev and started my career with analog design and software engineering. I have then worked in product and sales management, so I believe working as CEO for Comsys will be a tremendous opportunity to utilize all the experience I have acquired throughout my career”

Marianne Sernevi

CEO at Comsys

About Comsys AB

Comsys AB, a cleantech company based in Lund Sweden, develops digital energy control methods and products to optimize and improve energy flow in a wide variety of applications and help customers to meet increasingly challenging demands set by standards and utility companies. Our technologies provide robust solutions for both grid operators and applications within industrial automation, building automation, data centers and the marine sector, to name just a few. They are also being increasingly used in electricity production and energy storage, primarily from solar and wind, in order to meet the constantly growing demands by grid operator owners around the world.

For more information, please contact

Marianne Sernevi, CEO
+46 708 69 05 69