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Comsys delivered Active Dynamic Filter to port of Visby's onshore power supply

Shore-to-ship power supply installations are a vital part of reducing emissions in ports. When ships connect to a land-based power supply, they can stop their auxiliary engines and drastically reduce emissions, noise, and vibrations.

Port of Visby
Port of Visby

To materialize a shore-to-ship connection, both the shore connection and the ship have to be compatible. In Europe, most countries use 50 Hz net frequency while ships typically use 60 Hz net frequency. Therefore, a frequency converter must transform the power and bridge this difference. When installing a frequency converter, the power conversion problem is solved, but unfortunately, there is also an increase in harmonic distortion.

An Active Dynamic Filter (ADF) can remove harmonic distortion. The filter detects and analyzes distortions so it can precisely inject a compensation current that eliminates the harmonics. The reduction of harmonic current can increase the transformer lifetime while reducing heat losses and total current in the wires.

In 2019 Actemium was contracted for a 2x 1.8 MW 10.7kV shore connection project for three berths in Port of Visby, Sweden. CG Drives & Automation (Emotron) delivered a 12-pulse power converter to the project, and Comsys supplied a unit of ADF that removed harmonics generated by the systems frequency converter even further!