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Comsys delivers turnkey battery energy storage facility to Fortum

LUND, SWEDEN; April 21, 2021 – The Swedish cleantech company Comsys AB announces today that it has delivered a novel, 1MW/250KWh battery energy storage system, or BESS, using replaced PHEV batteries, to a hydroelectric power plant operated by Fortum.

Comsys installs dynamic energy storage for Fortum

The facility is among the world’s first commercial supply-side BESS installations using batteries from vehicle, and a part of Fortum’s strategy to drive the change for a cleaner world. Incorporating 48 PHEV batteries supplied by Volvo Cars, this solution is engineered and built by Comsys to get the most out of PHEV batteries whilst also providing significantly faster frequency regulation.

According to Dan Liljengren, Business Development & Head of Research and Innovation at Comsys, the solution is a response to increased demands on energy suppliers to maintain grid stability amidst growing fluctuations caused by all the ways that energy is generated and consumed today.

“After being approached by Fortum, we began developing a new storage solution capable of reliably, sustainably and rapidly storing and discharging power. We call it DES™, short for ‘Dynamic Energy Storage,’ because it’s fast, easy to deploy, modular and scalable.”

Dan Liljengren

Business Development & Head of Research and Innovation at Comsys

The new solution leverages Comsys’s expertise in perfecting power quality by arranging the batteries into “strings.” Each string consists of a Comsys ADF (AC/DC converter) connected to three PHEV batteries. For the facility, 16 strings are used to provide a capacity of 1MW/250KWh and frequency regulation with a response time of less than a milli seconds, faster than what hydroelectric turbines are capable of providing on their own.

According to Erik Tutzauer, Project Manager at Fortum, in addition to the operational benefits for the hydropower plant, there are also significant environmental benefits and new opportunities made possible through re-use of lithium-ion batteries:

“Thanks to the experience and ingenuity of Comsys and a can-do attitude, we have overcome many challenges together. We have gained valuable learnings on how to re-purpose used batteries that previously have served in electric cars into high-quality industrial energy storage systems. Comsys and Fortum have proven to be an exceptionally good combination for providing energy solutions for several industries.”

Dan Liljengren

Business Development & Head of Research and Innovation at Comsys

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