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Comsys launches production in North America

LUND, SWEDEN; May 31, 2021 – The Swedish cleantech company Comsys AB announces today that its ADF products destined for customers in North America will now be produced at a certified manufacturing facility in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta USA

The expansion to its operations comes as the need for reliable power quality continues to rise in North America, creating large potential for the innovator’s patented Active Dynamic Filtering technology which today is developed and produced in Sweden.

With experience from thousands of ADF installations around the world, the move is part of Comsys’s strategy to enable substantial growth and take steps to achieve environmental benefits. Dennis Magnusson, Head of Product and Operations Development, says the company hopes to boost business in North America by meeting the increased demand with more competitive lead times and reduced emissions. 

“We want to provide the best possible service to customers. That means not only ensuring high quality ADF products, but also reducing impact on climate change and shortening lead times by manufacturing locally rather than shipping all the way from Sweden. With production in Atlanta, we’re in position to become the North American leader in Active Filters.”

Dennis Magnusson

Head of Product and Operations Development, Comsys

The first product to be produced in the US is the UL-listed ADF P300, with a first shipment of several units to be delivered to Volvo Cars’ manufacturing plant near Charleston, South Carolina in June.

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