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Comsys to help Svealandstrafiken with smart charging for electric buses

LUND, SWEDEN June 21, 2022 - The Swedish cleantech company Comsys AB has been selected to deliver a peak-shaving Battery Energy Storage System, or BESS, to Västerås, Sweden as part of a project to develop smart energy management and optimized charging for electric buses.

Marianne Sernevi

Electric vehicles require high-power charging, but power grids are not always able to deliver the necessary power at certain times. A new BESS solution from Comsys called DES™ (Dynamic Energy Storage) will be used to help evaluate ways to reliably, economically and sustainably meet the challenges posed by the increase in electric vehicles.

The project is a collaboration between several actors and sponsored by the Swedish innovation agency, Vinnova, and will increase local charging capacity for Svealandstrafiken’s new electric buses without the need for extensive reinforcements to the electricity grid. To accomplish this, a smart charging solution by Tvinn in combination with Comsys’s new Dynamic Energy Storage solution will be installed at Svealandstrafiken’s bus depot in the city of Västerås. 

"This is the first bus depot in Sweden that will optimize the charging of vehicles in combination with energy storage and local energy production through algorithms. With our DES and Tvinn’s smart management solution, the installation will also be able to balance the electrical grid and provide a new revenue stream by trading on the Swedish balance market at times when the battery is not needed to support the charging."

Rickard Jacobson

CEO at Comsys

In addition, the project will analyze sustainability aspects to determine in which cases the environmental and climate benefits will be greatest and where electrification may be most socio-economically profitable in the near future.

About Comsys AB

Comsys AB, a cleantech company based in Lund Sweden, develops digital energy control methods and products to optimize and improve energy flow in a wide variety of applications and help customers to meet increasingly challenging demands set by standards and utility companies. Our technologies provide robust solutions for both grid operators and applications within industrial automation, building automation, data centers and the marine sector, to name just a few. They are also being increasingly used in electricity production and energy storage, primarily from solar and wind, in order to meet the constantly growing demands by grid operator owners around the world.

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