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Easier system integration with new version of PPM300


The module is a key element for customers who want to integrate all the advantages and capabilities of ADF technology into their power installations.

Designed for easy integration into electrical cabinets and motor control centers, the new PPM300v4 enables customers to build their own active harmonic filters or low harmonic solutions even more efficiently.

One of the most notable improvements is having a single module that offers customers the ability to increase current capacity from 50 to 75, 100 or 125 A via a simple software upgrade, eliminating the need for any hardware upgrades. The 480 V version of the module has a switching frequency of 10 kHz, as well as a lower profile that makes it easier to integrate wherever space is tight.

There are also fewer cables to connect than before, and the grounding system is easily interchangeable between TN and IT via a simple switch rather than having to replace the grounding system module. Changing DC interconnection fuses is also safer as they have been placed externally, away from the charging circuits.

Finally, energy efficiency has been increased to 98% by reducing losses from 3030 W (PPM300v2B-3-A-120/480) to 2120 W, a reduction of 30% compared to the 2B generation.

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