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New 3.0 software introduces intelligent features for improving energy efficiency

The newly released version 3.0 of our SCC2 software is here and with it comes important advantages for users of our versatile ADF active harmonic filters, including significant energy savings.

With energy efficiency high on everyone’s priority list, the new software enables users to save energy through a new feature called Sensorless Standby as well as two new dynamic PFC control modes. These enhancements help to significantly reduce energy consumption by adapting system operation to actual power needs and conditions. The Sensorless Standby feature reduces power consumption when full operation is not required. It can be set to work on voltage (THDU) only, on utilization, or both. For example, it can perform “wake up” at a set level of THDU, but “sleep” depending on the level of utilization. Moreover, it works in all control modes, including current control which is very useful for customers also having Current Transformers.

The new PFC control modes, Dynamic Range and Dynamic with Offset, along with improved system detection capabilities allow for more tailored and efficient system operation, thus accommodating a wide range of operational scenarios. Dynamic Range can be used to set an acceptable range for the power factor (PF), allowing the system to compensate with capacitive or inductive power to maintain the PF within a specified target range. It is particularly beneficial for maintaining optimal power factor levels under varying load conditions, for example during nights and weekends. This ensures efficiency and compliance with power quality standards. The Dynamic with Offset mode is a useful method for adding cable capacitance as an offset when the delivery point is far away from the ADF.

Other highlights include a Technical Preview feature and support for Ethernet/IP which simplifies integration into existing networks and reduces the need for additional hardware, as well as an improved user experience thanks to a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Release 3.0, with Sensorless Standby, even more flexible PFC controls and Ethernet/IP as a technical preview further adds to our status of being the most adaptable, flexible and applicable power quality solution on the market.

Jonas Persson


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